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# 1 Development?
10-16-2011, 03:11 PM
So I was here for the preorder beta, and the early start. I have seen all the promises, and I have heard all the lies the cryptic team have given us.
For months, and months, and months the cryptic team have gotten bug report after bug report and still leave a great many things broken, unfixed, or otherwise inaccurate.

Among the worst gameplay things that I have seen that need to be fixed are a half a dozen or so missions that have really poor ground mapping for where bridge officers can walk. The jump height for characters (Cryptic, this is Star Trek NOT Champions) is also incredibly poor.

However, from my own view point, and I do know a great many people share my viewpoint, the biggest things that need to be fixed are the following:

Weapon animations: Did the developers even bother to look at their weapon animations? Aft beam arrays fire out of the naccels of most ships. It would be a simple matter to go through the animation positions of each ship, for each weapon, and adjust where the weapons are fired from.

Mission writers: As someone who has played Champions online, and is a fan of superhero books, movies, and games I would like to point out that the cryptic writers could not write decent stories for Champions, which would be significantly less complex then Star Trek.
However, the writers for Star Trek, which ARE the same writers for Champions, are REALLY bad. Cryptic NEEDS to hire a new writing team to rewrite ALL missions, after watching the canon, otherwise they will make similar mistakes.
It does not matter what gameplay changes you make for f2p, a great many people will NOT continue to play if the writing sucks. And the more enjoyable to story, the more people will enjoy the game itself. The more people enjoy the game, the greater the free marketing (word of mouth) and the more people you will get playing.
The more people you get playing, the more people you will have purchasing things.

I know that the development team need to make more content to keep people interested, but honestly, fixing bugs, all bugs - be it gameplay, texture, animation, or whatever - are, at this point, far more critical then content updates. Especially when it comes to changing your writing team, because, honestly, they suck. They really do. I have heard fanfic from 7 year olds that is more star trek when compared to what the current writing team has put out. Hell, Star Wars is more Star Trek by comparison.

It is, however, nice to see that the development team is moving away from the WoW clone path it was going down before.
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# 2
10-16-2011, 03:23 PM
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# 3
10-16-2011, 03:29 PM
Well...I do agree....any weapon points being on the nacelles is truly stupid looking.
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# 4
10-16-2011, 11:32 PM
For me the stories are fine, the only bug which annoys me is the multiple bridge officers, whilst it annoys me i'm will to wait to while the devs working on more important things like f2p launch and more tweaks to tribble etc.
Yes some of the weapon fire looks strange but at the end of the day it doesnt actually bother me, its just a game so no-one should get massively worked up over it to point of a major rant, as i said i dont care mainly because im focusing on the battle at hand not where im shooting beam weapons.
My bridge officers walk, run and jump just fine on every ground map i have ever been on so again not seeing an issue here and going back to the stories what exactly is bad about just saying you think there poorly written isnt an excuse to complain about them, for me they seem fine and have interesting arcs and twists.
Some can be annoying for me as it just involves alot of running around but again its a game so i wont get into a massive 'hulk smash' thing over it.
All in all i like star trek online yes there are some aspects which i agree are strange or odd but its a highly enjoyable and at times relaxing experience and one of the best PC games i've played (more of a console gamer myself)

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