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I was bored and was thinking about something which could eventually make Ground more variable like Space is now.

Space has Power Levels to tune, Alot of abiliities to use and to combine, alot of weapon mixes you can use. Alot of tactics as well.

Ground on the other hand, was always pretty simple in comparison. You carry two weapons, you cannot adjust anything on it. You have a fixed set of 4 kit abilities.

My suggestion is to make something similar to Space Power levels, something like to 'tune' your Ground Energy Weapon. A slider to adjust the strength of the Phaser rifle? Like they do in the movies.

Perhaps manually adjust the strength / frequency of your weapon so you can make it do more damage at short range, or at long range? or increase the firing range at the expense of damage? I dont know, anything. I'm beginning to like ground even, it can be fun with teammates. But we need moar variety.

Something similiar could be applied to your shields perhaps? or armor? The ability to tune your shields and/or armor so for instance you will receive less damage from shots far away, and more vulnerable to short range firing?

All this could be done with some kind of system equal to space power levels? I mean, it should not have drastic effects but it could be fun?

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