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# 1 Duty Officer Suggestions
08-08-2014, 03:54 PM
Hello everyone, I am looking for some duty officer advice for a sci captain with a sci ship. I recently acquired the Voth Palisade Science Vessel and I really enjoy it. It's not fully built yet as the gear I've posted on the ship I won't have for a couple more weeks but it's what I'm sticking with. The boff skills are what I intend to stick with since my aim is for a healing role as I have other characters built for dps.

So what duty officers work well to compliment my setup? Anything that will reduce my cooldown timer will be great. I can say for certain I will have a conn officer for TT and energy weapon's officer to reduce the cooldown of my beam abilities. That still leaves 4 open officers, so please suggest away. Thanks!
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# 2
08-08-2014, 11:52 PM
I dont see you healing anyone but yourself with that one lol.

If your gonna stick with that, the duty officers i would throw in are,

2 purple conn officers or 2 blue 1 green for TT cooldown to global.
1 grav scientist for grav well aftershock.

others that could be put in
for healing
science team cooldown doff.
eng team cooldown doffs.

for offence
Beam cooldowns
tractor beam drain shields
tractor repulsers pull

But again, even with all that it wont heal lol. You will need full aux, and many more heals to heal anyone but yourself. And that doesnt mesh with full beam arrays as you wont have the power for attacking. Torps and mines are heal boats best friends.

I can see this doing ok dps for a sci ship but you seem to be setting it up like a cruiser and thus will either nurf your weapons or your sci or both by power levels.

The only way i have seen 6 beams on a sci is when its a drain build with poleron or tetryon and with siphons, and the leach console to get max both weapons and aux
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# 3
08-09-2014, 12:04 AM
With that particular setup, go with:
2x Very Rare Conn Officers (Reduce recharge time of Tactical Team)
2x Very Rare Research Lab Scientists (Reduce recharge time of Science Team)
2x Very Rare Maintenance Engineers (Reduce recharge time of Engineering Team)

That will bring each of those abilities to global cooldown. You don't need any doffs to reduce beam ability cooldowns. Though I would recommend two copies of Beam Fire at Will when running PvE.

For your particle generator consoles, don't be afraid to get mk XII consoles from the Fleet Embassy. There are several options to choose from for the additional procs. Some of them will help your healing abilities as a side benefit while the main console function increases your damage from your Gravity Well and Repulsor Beams.

I would also Highly recommend that you put at least 6 points into Starship Maneuvers. Failure to do so will make your ship much more squishy than it should be in both PvE and PvP.

Also note that you started making this build by altering the ship and other info from a build you were looking at. This leaves the Description and Notes section with whatever that previous builds text in it. Be sure to either update or delete that information if you plan to have it visible to the build search.
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# 4
08-09-2014, 10:39 AM
Thanks for the suggestions! While my hull heal for other ships is the best it could be, my sci team 3 does a fantastic job at regenerating ally shields when it's needed most.

I did make some changes to the build, specifically I am now running:
Elite Fleet Combat Impulse Engines
Elite Fleet Covariant Shields (I now have shields over 20K per facing)
Isometric Charge console instead of the aceton field generator which doesn't do anything worthwhile to my foes, IMO

With my current setup my weapons are at 100+ and my auxillary is at 75+, with my shields still above 50 to ensure they regenerate. Engines I neglect on every build except for escorts. When I get my hands on a fleet warp core these power levels should change a bit again. And Plasmonic leech is a definate posibility once I get my hands on the new ultra rare particle generator console.

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