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# 1 Cstore tweak?
10-18-2011, 10:17 AM
So posted recently regarding an issue i was having with my cstore listing 4 ships as "unlocked" as opposed to "free". I verified that they are listed as "unlocked" on the ONLY VA character i have, but when i look at them from my other characters they are NOT listed as "unlocked" and in fact they give me the option to buy them for those characters.......some people say that some ships "tac escor retro", "explor cruiser retro", long range science vessel", "nebula science retro" are PER character and not account wide......but the dev blog says there currently are NO PER CHARACTER ships available on the cstore......and this post seems to allude to the fact that yes they are account wide.

So if that is in fact the case can we get the cstore updated to reflect this fact so we don't see something indicating we'd need to buy the ship again? And i wouldn't be surprised if the system did in fact let you pay for a ship that you have in fact already purchased.

Dev response would be greatly appreciated

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