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Well, unfortunately for me after transferring a character and deleting it within 10 mins due to what I thought was a transfer bug, I won't be able to continue testing this particular chunk of f2p for the duration of the testing period.

I didn't buy anything from the economy, so in my case, I had no impact on things, unless you count the conversion that probably occurred on holodeck currency the character had. But, as I said, I didn't spend any of it as I spent my time trying to figure out why I was experiencing an apparent bug.

In my haste, I deleted the character thinking a recopy would solve things. Boy was I wrong. I had read the blog as "you can only copy across one character" and not "once you copy across a character you can never copy across the same character ever".

I understand how that could adversely effect the economy, but in my case, I had no impact.

The customer support team do not deal with ANYTHING tribble related, so I can only post here about it, hope some nice staff member will reset the tribble copy flag on my account and write a post which hopefully serves to stop other people from making such a mistake.

With that said, please test the brains out of tribble ladies and gentlemen, as I think its back to holodeck only for me, all things considered. =(
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10-19-2011, 04:41 PM
Though, you were warned about this... as stated in the Development blog...
Before I explain how to transfer a character, it's important to be aware that we are letting each account transfer exactly one character. After you have transferred a character to Tribble once, you will be denied further transfers.

We are limiting players to one character transfer right now in order to limit the impact of transfers on the overall economy of Tribble. If we allowed unlimited transfers, like we have on other test shards, it becomes possible to bring unlimited currency into Tribble from Holodeck, which would invalidate some of our testing.
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10-19-2011, 05:26 PM
I noted that above and accept the situation, regretably, but part of my issue was the misinterpretation of "After you have transferred a character to Tribble once, you will be denied further transfers" in that it would not include the recopying of that same character you had originally copied across and would only apply to 'further transfers', i.e. more additional transfers of other holodeck characters across.


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