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Short and simple:

give reasons why the dilithium economy as it as atm is not desirable and will fall flat upon f2p launch
and also discuss what is already well in place (short list, might i add ?)

also note that this is to give feedback regarding dilithium ONLY (there's other threads that cover other areas)


-the emblem grinding is now faster in terms of playtime

-many new ways to earn dilithium (emblems) such as the STF academy, the mirror event and STFs (whereas before u could do RA (the same lvl as stfs are on Tribble now) for marks and VA for emblems)


-the emblem grinding is now slower in terms of getting items (if u got over 10 emblems / day before, anyway)

-the crafting prices are ludicrous, killing all fleet crafters etc.

-the crafting items are NOT worth the dilithium price... just go buy emblem weapons for the nearly same price, logic much?

-the emblem items are NOT the top items in the game anymore


- STF MK XII gear - better dps, acc+crth procs and the anti-borg proc

solutions(debatable, ofc):

- make emblem weapons MK XII and XI and make the XII about 3x as hard to get, but drop the price on XI slightly (say 85% of their current prices) so that the mk xii versions are really something to work for, but u can be happy with the mk xi versions

-the emblem items are now BoP


as with them not being the top gear anymore, they are NOT desirable as they are now on Holodeck as they are now BoP and u cannot sell them nor outfit ur alts with them


YET again, make them MK XII
this way, they become MUCH more desirable (base dps on borg weapons of the same mark is much lower than on an emblem weapon)
and it makes sense that they're BoP, as such weapons would cause a huge economical bomb on the exchange, making all but the mk xii gear rather worthless
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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10-22-2011, 01:43 AM
edited some things, also reserved for something if needed

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