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It is really annoying how your teamates in your away team squad like to stand right in front of you, can you try and work out better programming on their positioning....

They usually stand 2 to your left 2 to your right and all slightly behind or even with you, but for some reason in the middle of the missions they get messed up and think that your looking to your right about 90 degrees and so that makes the ones that usually stand to your left stand right in front of you.

This keeps me from being able to target enemies and launch powers at them i have to constantly adjust a little bit and launch a power before my Boff adjusts to stand in front of me, i have less than a second to do it, this costs me alot of time in ground missions and frustration

This effects me in shooter mode but i think it would effect people in RPG mode as well.

I posted about this before but it seems it was not noticed. I believe this should be very high priority because it has a massive effect on the enjoyoment of ground combat.

if anyone knows a good workaround for this please share thanks

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