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10-21-2011, 07:10 PM
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10-21-2011, 07:30 PM
Originally Posted by StormShade
We're well aware of, and have been reading the feedback from blog #14, just like we read the rest of the forums.

If you were looking for a post that says, "Hey! We read things! These things even!" Well, here you go.

If you're looking for a post saying, "This is what we're going to do about this feedback from blog #14," please remember that it takes time for us to be able to read all that feedback, discuss it amongst the team, decide on a course of action, put it through testing, and then tell you about it as the changes are coming.

Work on crafting is continuing. That work does not stop the people who work on STFs from working on STFs.

So please, let's keep this thread about STFs. Not about crafting.

There's already several threads about crafting.



youve always been one of the more liked devs, and in all honesty, one of the most trusted devs, stormy. but that response was weak. it takes time to read through all the feedback? i just went through all 42 pages of it in 10 minutes because it all said the same thing- its a terrible idea. that doesnt take a genius to acknowledge that a bad idea was implemented. when is cryptic and, more importantly, PW going to admit a mistake was made and revert back to the old crafting changes? honestly, from reading through the 42 pages of the previous path to F2P post, the only thing the player base is concerned with right now is the new dilithium economy and how its screwing the subbers over? this whole idea of being gated with 8k refine limit per day is bogus, having any dilithium spent to craft an item is bogus, and in general, cryptic and PW handling of a new economy is just bogus. i would much rather have the economy in the shape it is now than to have the crap that is being presented on tribble, regardless of how much work it has left. if you do plan on working on the economy, there is enough work to be done to push back F2P until the end of next year. gold members are getting screwed, and cryptic has not come out and given us an answer to why were being screwed, nor what is going to be done to give us an incentive to even subscribe to this game anymore. the little piecemeal things that you have "given" us are things that we are already given on holodeck. this game is headed in the wrong direction- and its only a matter of time until the whole thing comes crashing down in a huge fireball.

now i see why dan left- he worked his *** off to get the game headed in the right direction only to have it smashed down in front of him. i honestly dont even care if i get banned from the forums at this point- the players, ALL OF THE PLAYERS have spoken on this subject and are being swept under the rug like dust. if thats the thanks we get for the loyalty weve shown for the past 2 years, then this game deserves to go down in flames.

edit: i forgot to add... all this economy revamp revolves around fewer currencies. yet the new STFs give out a new currency. does that make ANY sense to you at all? seriously? thats just stupid.
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10-21-2011, 07:30 PM
Oh, remastered STF. Cool! Now, how about giving us a proper ship at VA to efficiently fight them? This is a major issue that is on triblle since... Let me see. Oh, yes. Since it went live, 3 weeks ago.
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10-21-2011, 07:47 PM
Originally Posted by grandmasteroz View Post
youve always been one of the more liked devs, and in all honesty, one of the most trusted devs, stormy.
Stormshade isnt a developer. He is a community rep, which basically means he communicates between the Dev team and the players. He isnt involved in the actually development of the game though.
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10-21-2011, 07:53 PM
You know, I was loving reading about the STF revamps. Between Gozer's tweets and seeing it on STOked #100, I was ready to give them a spin. However, even wanting to take these out for a test drive is hampered by the lack of communication on any of the issues that we, the LOYAL playerbase, have had since Tribble was opened three or four weeks ago. There is way too much broken right now to make me want to log back in to the test server. Hell, I'm not even sure I'll be still around even on the forums come the holidays unless Cryptic/Perfect World steps up to plate and actually LISTENS to us.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. The topic at hand. STFs. Great idea breaking them up into bite-sized chunks. I'll give points for that. The ground gear sets look awesome, particularly the Klingon set. But, why oh why is it "elite" only? Can't we get a set with (slightly) inferior stats that can be gained by doing it on "normal"? People love to toss around WoW as a comparison, but I see this as a good indicator of identical looking sets with different stats working fine in an MMO situation. You can get a tiered set on "normal" 5-man dungeon runs or "10-man" raids, all with halfway decent stats. You can get an identical (or near-identical) set by running "heroic" 5-man dungeon runs or "25-man" raids, all with superior stats. Any chance that we might be able to see this happen?

EDIT: Oh, yeah. And how much Refined Dilithium is it going to take, in addition to the Borg Salvage, to get these gear sets. Everything ELSE is costing RD these days.
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10-21-2011, 07:58 PM
OK OK we get it! They killed crafting. It's a useless feature I've ignored for the better part of the last year. I just don't care.

What's the deal with the borg sets? Do we need to stock up salvage to buy something that used to be a drop now?
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10-21-2011, 08:00 PM
As a Player that is and always was a big Fan of the STFs, I must say I am very happy with the Changes.

The Loot is now so much better, after 100+ STFs on Tribble I do not have a single BoP I did not want to have or do not need.
I dont see STFs becoming a grind fest. Actually the state how they are on Holodeck is a lot more of a grind fest then on Tribble.
Outfit your Ship and Character on Holodeck with STF Boss Drops and Marks of Valer purchases, and compare it to Tribble salvage Purchases, you will see on Tribble it is a Lot faster.

On Holodeck:
I am a Klingon and I am soooo alone in Gamma Orionis (Echo of emptiness)
I just Spent 2 Hours on an STF and did not get any Prize
Six of Ten drops a Sci kit BoP of course, ohh we dont have a Sci on the team.
Great I am soloing Rebbecca again, my Team is in the Plasma.
The team breaks apart, they are not able to kill so many workers and so many elite/tac Drones simultaneously.
2 on my Team just killed a shield Transmitter and then are complaining where is the purple Loot
3 on my Team hate ground Play, after the space section they leave.
list can be continued with 100 other Things I dont have out the Top of my head

On Tribble
I am a Klingon and queue up and show some Feds what Honor is (and I am not the only Klingon on Team)
I did an STF in 30 Minutes and got somthing nice from Armeg, so as every one on the Team.
Rebbecca dropped a Tech, I will now get the item I want.
There are Ramps and Bridges for the overwhelming high number of jumping impaired.
A smal number of workers and 2 Turrets, nothing teamwork and simple tactic cant handle.
BO Pop Ups explain what do do
Nobody on the Team absolutly hates Ground Play and is unwilling to do it.
List can be extendet with other things I have not found yet.

Dificulty and Loot rates still need the final Tuning and adjustment to satisfy most players ( Not all this is Impossible)
SO overall I can say we are on the right way.

my Two Stripes of Latinum
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10-21-2011, 08:05 PM
Originally Posted by JaeOnasi
May I ask the thought process behind introducing the 'salvage' currency? Why not give dilithium as a reward? Or ECs?
Just ran The Cure (Space) just to be sure. On Normal mode, in addition to everything else, I also received 1,100 Dilithium ore at the end of the mission. This was true for all the other Borg STFs last time I played them as well, though it was before the last patch.

Why are people saying you aren't getting Dilithium for running STFs ?

Oh, P.S. - No Dilithium costs for crafting, please
P.P.S. - Add a VA ship token back to the game. Like, at the 100 day accolade or something, since silver players don't get those.

Don't think we've forgotten just because those topics aren't the latest hottest topic, please.
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10-21-2011, 09:11 PM
Humm, well I"LL post something about the changes in the STF's..

I like them.

The cure space can be run in UNDER 10 min by a geared team of ANY mix of players. Infected Space takes slightly longer, Infected Ground longer still and Cure gound longest of all... especially if you blow the puzzles. The New Terradome is not in place yet and I'm looking forward to it.

Many of the bugs in the STF's that were in place when they went live On tribble have been fixed and both the cure and infected are quite playable and fun.

Normal could even be a little bit harder for the Space versions

(well see if I can still say that when they throw the Elite versions at us...)

Theres still some niggling little issues to be fixed dealing with auto teaming and player teamed or not teamed getting or not getting loot rolls but I am very sure they're on the way to fixed.

If there is ANY issue or complaint I have during testing its that I would very much like to waltz around First City and Drazona Station in my Honor Guard uniform visuals after running somewhere around 200 STF runs.. I think I've earned the pretty looks.

As a rebuttle to the "its nothing but a grindfest now" complaints I've seen in this thread allready.. Dudes, it wasn't a painfull grind before? I've run all of these on Holodeck and wiped dozens apon dozens of times. Or gotten the bonus drops and have the drops be utter crap compared to what everyone allready had on thier ships and toons JUST to be able to run the STF's in the first place with a reasonable chance of success. And all you could really realisticly manage was one, maybe two runs per day at Lt.Gen/V-Adm level of play. I know people who run them over a 200 times on Holodeck and they simply do as something to do at this point and could care less about the loot. These players allready have the BEST gear availible on Holodeck. The new version are much more approchable and doable by the casual gamer crowd. The Elite verions will offer greater rewards and be much more difficult..strong emphisis on the "Much" I am sure. The rationalization of these STF's will be a boon to the game, and will pave the way for a number of future STF type missions. ..And even more spiff gear for toons and ships. ..Which reminds me.. I might want to start thinking about grinding out gear sets for my away team...

Good job on the STF revamps Cryptic. I happen to think they're a real winner.!............. for everyone.
And a vast improvement.

Now turn on the doggone Uniforms in the tailors will ya!!
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10-21-2011, 09:53 PM
Originally Posted by JaeOnasi
May I ask the thought process behind introducing the 'salvage' currency? Why not give dilithium as a reward? Or ECs?

I do like the idea of breaking up the STFs into smaller chunks. This is a boon to a working geeky mom like me who can manage to sit down for an hour or 2 at a time and not get interrupted (barring child emergencies), but not necessarily 3 or 4 hour stretches to do an entire STF at one time. I appreciate the addition of that feature very much. I like the PvE queue idea, and may give that a try on the Tribble server.
First, there is a dilithium award. Second, I cannot find the post, but I believe I saw a dev post that mentioned the possibility of a dilithium crate as an option (instead of the salvage) for folks who have gotten all of the gear.

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