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One of the things that i find a bit annoying when I look for a duty officer on the exchange is that it is impossible to find the subcategorys that i look for.
I can try writing trader in the search box but it wont show any traders, on the other hand if i desperatly want a duty officer called scott i can find him. But gotta admit as much as i like having a scott on board i think i would like to have a trader more

so would it be possible to make the search in the exchange the way that it searches by traits/skills/professions in stead of names.
And if you could add the same system to the bridge officer exchange search it would be nice. Mostly i search for desired skills not ferengi science officer etc.

p.s. on a different matter the whole starfleet academy search for particles event has the potential of being a disaster depending on how much people want need dilithium. On tribble it is a bit crowded but on live it has the "potential" to be disasteresly overcrowded where people will stand ontop of each other just to get hold of one particle. (I remember a few years back during world of warcrafts noble garden event where people where literally just standing one place to get hold of a spawning egg every few minutes because there where 30-50 people in the same place also just waiting for spawning eggs).

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