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11-11-2011, 10:18 PM
Originally Posted by SatansHell View Post
Is the old borg set in tribble yet?
I dont have a problem with doing the stf's more than one per say, I do have a problem with having to do them 20 times for just 1 part, and thats just for mk x, you have to do them even more for the better versions!
I don't care what anyone else says, this is torturous. I play the game to have fun... having to grind180 STF's PRAYING for a drop that would get me the gear more immediately for one STF set is *not* fun; IT IS ANOTHER HOUSEHOLD CHORE!

Someone probably told Gozer this was a good idea to impose on us. I think it's nothing short of insanity (again, just MY opinion). It seems others in this thread share my view.
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11-12-2011, 12:55 PM
Originally Posted by Wraith_Shadow
Especially with the way its set up, it just seems like another currency to grind. Weren't they supposed to stream line and consolidate currencies instead of adding more? Personally at VA i don't really like having to replay these missions over 40 times for a single MK XI item.....

Is anyone else mad at this prospect of just another Currency to Grind?
QFT - IMO it just goes to show how the Devs claims of "Dilithium is here to fix the currenncy issues". There's ALSO the fact that these ground events (which ARE decent content) WON'T get played becauase they ONLY give the salvage (and it's sooo much more of a Grind tio get the salvage) and EC and DON'T give any Dilithium Ore.

End result: This comntent won't get used and the zone will be an abandoned ghost town. It amazes me how Cryptic CONSTANTLY sabotages its bettter content (like the storyline missions and now this ground content) by NOT giving players a lot of incentive to play it over the second teir content; and how NO ONE at Cryptic bother to look at how things interact in their own game - IE to they really really think (once this event is in the rotation); that people will spend an hour GRINDING for salvage and EC (and EC in the new Dilithium economy ios next to worthlesss); when they can (by doing the Mirror Space Events 4 times in an hour during the hour they're up) get 4400 Dilithium Orea AND for items that they'll either be able to use or sell for more EC than they'd get from this Borg ground invasion event.)

I really think Cryptic needs to hire someone who KNOWS how to design a MMO game economy, and allow them to tailor content to work within that economy; because if anything this whole new 'Borg Invasion Salvage System' is just a BIG WASTE of time and development resorces and shows a team that's each in it's own little world not really designing nrew content with a bigger overall scope of picture in mind.

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