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Originally Posted by NeilCell View Post
I was refering to the Engery Syphon ability. I want the Sao Palo class varient to be immune to the effect, and THAT is what I was talking about the whole time.
this is not cannon. Cryptic is trying to follow cannon within reason and this ability you want immunity to is a STO ability not a trek ability. If you want the actual ability the ship is suppose to be immune to as well as BOP.
Which is where they got the tech from (KDF) BOP were immune to the weapon. Its Viral matrix mostly then any and all power draining sci abilities. That would have to go to both of the ships that will have quad cannons coming. It would not be fair to have a defiant ship like that and not the KDF ship they got the tech from. It would also make all sci captain rage and rightly so. It would also tip the balance of PVP in a very bad way. Such a ship
is very unbalancing and everyone would fly a BOP a defiant or Brel in pvp and every other ship would be a floating coffin.

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