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For a store where people are now paying real money, there are some pretty severe deficiencies on c-store purchases.

-It should be stated clearly in EACH item description whether or not it is a character-only or per-account unlock/purchase. Uniforms, pets, etc. seem to have this, but for ships it says nothing.

-(borrowed from another thread) for items that have limits on unlocks (like ships where you need to be X rank), it needs to be clearly stated in the description for each of these items what those limits are, so there are no surprises come purchase time.

-For all the ships in the store with special consoles, a detailed description of that particular console needs to be provided. Not marketing speak like "spread antimatter to confuse enemy sensors", but the actual in-game details and statistics of those consoles. Like "fires antimatter spread which casts jam sensors on all targets for 15 seconds, 45 second cooldown. Affected by deflector dish skill" or something similar. Not everybody goes and trolls through the STO forums to find the dev posts on the new consoles.

-The "screenshots" are pretty deficient too. None of the items show actual in-game screenshots, just doctored up concept art or renders. You need to show the actual product in the actual game. Who knows what that neat ship will really look like in game?

-Some items (look at the new Gekli pet) don't even have screenshots. WTF?

-(web only) I don't recall what it looks like in game, but why on my nice 23" 1920x1080 screen is the C-store limited to a tiny box of maybe 800x400 pixels? 75% of my screen is wasted when I visit the c-store, with a lot of unnecessary scrolling and paging.

I mean really guys, this is just a few things, I could probably go on and on. The C-store is literally going to be your lifeline in the land of F2P, don't make it look like a fly-by-night hackjob.

P.S. Not sure if we are supposed to put suggestions/feedback about the C-store here, if it is not the correct place, please move to the appropriate forum.
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10-29-2011, 04:08 PM
RE: Scrolling and paging

I've noticed they've done the same format change for the shipyards. Why can't they just give me a list and let me view the description as I choose? And the pics DO leave a lot to be desired. It isn't like they don't have access to the game for Dev screenies. They were all derssed like Caitian strippers for the anniversary--I would assume they also have some prototype items they can take shots of.

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