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I made a new science officer for the sole purpose of experimenting with certain skill nodes at the very beginning of the game (the SS Azure and Vega Colony missions) to see what kind of effect they have on abilities.

I had not invested ANY points into anything until the SS Azura mission. When we first set foot on the Vega Colony, both my BOff and myself would heal for about +40 heal points with +20 damage resistance (we both had Medical Tricorder I). When we initially beamed down to the SS Azura (I still had not invested any points by this time), I was still at +40/+20, while my bridge officer was now at +41/+20. Do Bridge Officers gain a passive increase to their abilities, even without investing any points? I noticed something similar with a Tactical Bridge officer's damage output on a previous play through (her damage increased slightly between the Vega Colony and SS Azura missions even though no points had been invested).

In the past when I've asked what the Tactical Team, Science Team, and Engineering Team abilities do, I usually get a copied and pasted explanation about how they help my away team. So the point of making this character was solely for the purpose of testing out how different kinds of skill point investments affect abilities. However, after experimenting with these abilities, it seems that is not the case. For instance, after saving up enough skill points to invest in science team from rank 0-9 all in one burst spend, the medical tricorder ability of my science bridge officer did not change at all - same cool down, same hit points healed, same damage resistance buff.

Next I tried investing in my own scientific practice skill, since when I click the drop down menu on the skill tree and select my science BOff's medical tricorder ability to see what skills affect it, my own scientific practice skill would be highlighted. After investing some points in this ability, my own medical tricorder ability (both myself and my BOff had this ability) increased in effectiveness while by science BOff's remained unchanged.

Now for the big issue... Finally after it was apparent that investing in Science Team Leader and Scientific Practice had no impact on my Bridge Officer's ability, I began investing away team skill points into the Medical Tricorder I ability in my BOff's own little skill page. After having done this, at rank 1, the amount of hit points his medical tricorder ability would heal DROPPED from +41 to +29.... Has anyone else noticed such changes when they are investing medical tricorder? Is this simply a typo or is this actually a glitch in which I am making my bridge officer worse by investing?

I've now created a klingon character and am noticing the same thing. Before investing any points into my bridge officer's medical tricorder ability, he heals for +45, after investing to rank 1, it drops to +29, and at rank 9 it's at +40, still 5 lower than when at rank 0!

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