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# 1 Romulan Featured Series Bugs!
10-26-2011, 12:15 PM
I swear the bugs in these missions make them so difficult that they are near impossible to do unless you simply zerg everything.

Let's start with the Enemies. From Mine Enemy on the Romulans you get to fight do not seem like they are matched to your level, though they do appear to be. As far as their firepower and defense however they feel like I'm fighting enemies 15 levels higher than me. Not good for solo or teams. This gets especially bad in Frozen when you take Obisek's side and in Cutting the Cord.

In Coliseum, Slamek does not follow you and gets stuck behind the gates when they close when you are heading into the arena. This means you have to fight the monsters alone if you are solo and it is not easy, especially considering you are denied the use of most of your powers as well as hypos. I found myself dying at least once per group of monsters.

After that comes the worm part where the Prisoners you are supposed to be releasing do not spawn until the entire fight is over. Thanks for the help guys... not.

And then the Desert where once Slamek goes into combat mode he stops following you entirely until a fight starts and then by the time he catches up it's over. And then you have to run all the way back to him to get the class specific jobs to start. I swear this guy was bad before. Now he is a complete waste of digital skin.

Finally I get to the last mission and guess what. The enemies in this are so mean they can almost one shot me with their disruptors. And this is the average foot soldiers I'm talking about here, not Commanders or Subcommanders, just regular Romies. The Remans beam in late every time and then drop like flies to the Romie fire leaving me alone to fight half them. Dying over and over and just zerging them trying to get a kill before I croak each time.

Then the Engineer side job is broken. It still rewards the accolade but does no damage whatsoever to the Scorpion that flies over, so you miss out on the second accolade. And after that the other Scorpion on the rooftop that you are supposed to blow up to get the Shooting Romulans in a Barrel accolade doesn't do anything to the Romies. You still get the accolade but they keep shooting at you regardless. Finally at Hakeev you are forced to again zerg your way through the fight as your allies drop before they do much more than scratch the Romies.

Finally at the space battle it gets back to normal. It's challenging but not a zerg rush to do a little bit of damage before I die.

All in all this great series has been horribly marred by a series of bugs that make it so ridiculously difficult that many players probably would have quit. Please fix this as soon as possible.


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