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# 1 Skill update
10-28-2011, 05:38 AM
I understand it's a ton of work to redo the whole skill system. I am glad it is finally being worked on at all.

However, I think you shouldn't give us part of the system, and the rest later.

I would rather wait for the whole thing to be done, the seperation of space and ground and the overall pass to be complete than to get only part of it now.

First, going F2P means that new players who know little about the game are coming in. Let's not confuse or annoy them right off by having an incomplete skill system.

Second, it's tough to plan a character build and prepare when you don't know what changes are coming. As someone who has been in Champions Online since beta, having one set of powers redone every month or two was tough on the players. You know what changes you are making, and before you make them we see things as overpowered or unbalanced. Then, you make the second set of changes and it all seems better, but it's hard to provide real feedback when we aren't given the whole set at once.

Personally, I think the seperation of ground and space is most important part of the skill changes. It will be nice to not have to ship or weapon type specialize, don't get me wrong, but I just honestly think that only giving us a piece of the changes is a bad idea.

I'd rather wait an extra couple weeks to get the whole system changed at once than to try and work through partial changes and have to go back a little later and do it all over again.

Replanning and having to make changes to our builds multiple times isn't fun when it's due to changes like this.

Just my opinion.

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