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so, lets see, how about the Obvious..

Orion Sector Block

2 sectors.. Orion Home world, social zone.. One base..primarily civilian and a ub for black market activity.
References: TOS original series, Capatins Pike's visit to Orion, Enterprise.. The Orion slave trading station.
3rd sector can be the Nausican home world.

Gorn Sector Block. 2 or 3 sectors. Gorn home worlds, (reportedly there are actually 3 of them), and the Lethean home world.

Orion sector block should touch on the Federation as Orion was a member state of the Federation before deciding the Federation was just not thier thing.

Gorn sectors should touch on both Federation and Romulan space.

Some redrawing of the "Galactic" map may beed to be done. Several Federation "exploration" zones could be removed or moved to "make room"

Benifits besides obvious expansion ro KDF space would be to provide additional areas for future territorial combat area's,, additional social zones (including semi neutral zones such as Ferenginar) Room for additional KDF related content including Patrol type missions.
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# 2
10-29-2011, 04:10 PM
The Orion homeworld is in Federation space.
The Orions on the KDF side actually left it and settled in Klingon space.
So if there is some kind of homeworld it would be the homeworld of the Synicate not the Orions in general.

In case of the Gorn, the thing with the three homeworlds comes from Star Fleet Battles.
Since that is a tiny Trek-related universe seperate fron anything else we'd probably have to use material from Pocket books as a basis so there is only one Gorn homeworld.
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# 3
10-29-2011, 08:32 PM
I support having a sector with the Gorn Homeworld. However, it should be somewhere close to the Cestus System since that is where Kirk fought the Gorn.

I also agree there should be a sector with the Lethian Homeworld.

I also think there should be a three vertical sector block that connects the Hiromi Sector Block to the Psi Velorum Sector block. This area could be set up similar to the Eta Edrani Sector block, but it would eventually support KDF vs. RSE PvP. It could also have a host of missions relating the Klingon invasion of the RSE.
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# 4
10-29-2011, 10:05 PM
I support any sector rehash that gives the Klingon Empire a better reprentation ingame.
Besides the game needs open but empty unclaimed sector blocks around most of the known and charted areas to represetn the size of space.

Fill them with rnadom or known worlds that offer rnadomly generated missions as you travel past ehm in space add in the same as roaming random space contacts and basically just try to make it fun.

Also I think that cloaking should be possibl ein warp travel (if technobabbly supported)
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# 5
10-30-2011, 06:16 AM
As far as I can determine this was the map used as a basis for the STO map, at least in part and rotated roughly 20 degrees counterclockwise (either that or I'm dizzy)

[warning: BIG]


given the odd shape of various things (like Federation space both left and right of Klingon space) it seems the 3d aspect of space makes a traditional map less than complete.
Our galaxy is more or less a disk and seperated into "sectors" in STO.
But the question is whether on such sector "cube" has a sidelength that corresponds to the height of out galaxy or not.
In any case...wasn't there a thread somewhere about some proposed additonal sectors along with a map in the depths of this forum?
I seem to remember as much.

Something mentioned in several places were the Kinshaya


even in the recent Pocket Books.
They could be an enemy on the side opposite of the Klingon Federation space and would probably make a far better and credible enemy than the space-demons.
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# 6
10-30-2011, 08:44 AM
+1 to the above. It's been said for a while that Klink space needs to be expanded but hopefully that'll be addressed a part of the "expanding the KDF faction" commitment that was announced as part of the vision going forward. I have to agree on a Lethean homeworld (although I'm biased since I have one, and they are totally awesome, IMO).

Also, I think the Gorn homeworld is coming as part of the Borg ground invasions, isn't it? I keep hearing talk from different sources that the Gorn will be the target species of the assimilation attempt. If so that would be cool. If the assimilated Undine wasn't cool enough - can you imagine what several 2-metre tall Gorn drones would be like?! UBER-OWNAGE.

Were there any races (aside from the major ones stated in the timeline) that the KDF have subjecated for otherwise "acquired"? Perhaps a future FE series or faction-specific mission may focus on a race who end up falling under the Klingon flag? Just a suggestion. Would be cool.
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# 7
10-31-2011, 08:46 PM
I think a Gorn sector block would fit nicely between the Pi Canis and Psi Velorum blocks.
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# 8
10-31-2011, 10:18 PM
Originally Posted by Alien_de_jour
I think a Gorn sector block would fit nicely between the Pi Canis and Psi Velorum blocks.
Gorn, Lethian, or any other KDF species the Devs finally decide to add.
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# 9
11-01-2011, 02:36 AM
I like these ideas with sectors and such I just have few things that could go along with it for territory wars and such.

1. First additional idea is its a given federation only players are a huge ratio over people who even have one KDF character at LG so ker'rat being an example of how just needing more and more federation players showing up wins it out. So technically there would need to be some kind of balance which would more than likely involve (unless someone has a better idea) a pre-invasion/attack mission the fed side has to do that limits the amount of players on the defense or invasion force of the federation where they would have to fight a npc blockade or something in a given time limit. One big starter one would be trying to retake the space for the Orion Homeworld (possibly each time it is taken there maybe something left well hidden that the KDF needs/wants )

2. Expanding these Borg Red Alerts into something along the lines of other enemy factions like Undine, Romulans, Remans, Dominion, etc (Seems borg are only thing that get any spotlight).

3. Semi part of suggestion 2 is making a new type of STF that cannot really be solo played but is doable with 2+ players against other enemy factions but can be done with just 2 people if need be.

4. This suggestion I'd think would be a KDF specific type of mission that goes along with the conquest attempted in wrath of khan where Klingons seek weapons of ultimate power. This would be a type of mission to get the actual Klingon feel for like a mission that would take great skill to accomplish and have *actual bragging rights* as put by the Executive Producer Emergency Hologram

5. Last thing is our empire defenses I think need to be revamped into more of defending more specific things in them instead of just attacking random floating enemies. As well being able to do these non borg Empire Defenses at LG as well as like in Pi Canis Sorties the ships we fight to have some intense action a Typhoon, Oracle, and Hermes class ships are junk ships no one in the game event flies these things the only one we ever can fight that has any ooooh ahhhh saucer seperation then 2 seconds later destroyed. I believe we need some hidden defiant retrofits, multi vectors, dreadnoughts, excelsiors, and 2 top end sci ships. If this is too much work to get rolling which i'm not employee so it may be one thing I would recommend is give us a ground/away team version of these too that might be easier to roll out or even for a repeatable in another sector.

6. My never ending suggestion/plea revamp/fix/polish/or even kill and replace with a working exploration system for KDF federation one at best is bad and KDF version is just utter trash it was like whoever worked on them purposely was put there to screw it up and make customers mad.

Thats my 2 cents of where I want to see the KDF going...

I had to add one other thing I think instead of it being exploration it should be mostly Nausicaan themed since they are Pirates for Hire that it be more in that line where you are being paid to assassinate, kidnap a person, steal items, technology, information, etc in that line of work since KDF races aren't big on exploreing (Possibly something when you unlock Marauding DOFF Tiers that it unlocks new content off of that).
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# 10
11-01-2011, 02:56 AM
Here's the official response to this matter:

Originally Posted by Heretic
This actually came up internally a while ago when I was trying to identify appropriate sectors for bridge officer and duty officer recruitment by species.

The Gorn sector(s) are to the south and southwest of the existent Klingon area, which itself actually represents only part of the current Klingon Empire.

The Orion sector was originally in what is now Federation territory, i.e., the Orion Sector. The new world is (drawing this from memory, so may be misremembering it) but is located in the farthest-to-the-right sector in the game in the Klingon area.

The Nausicaans are currently considered to be primarily a nomadic species for most intents and purposes.

On the Federation side, other than Andoria and Vulcan, most of the major races' homeworlds are not in sectors currently described in the game; this includes Betazoids and Ferengi at least.

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