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At Vice Admiral, I purchased the Thunderchild because I thought it had a costume for the Fleet Escort, which I accidentally remembered as being called a Heavy Escort. . . Wrong! . . . UG.

I figured they meant Fleet Escort, because it made Absolutely NO sense at all to say: "Here is the Thunderchild Heavy Escort Refit" which includes EVERY HEAVY ESCORT in the game (The Akira, Oslo, and Zephyr classes), and then they say "it "also unlocks the Thunderchild Class Costume for the Federation Heavy Escort." uhhhhh, Doynk, Grinding gears, Duho,

Did they just say what I think they said?

That they released a Heavy Escort Refit, for Commander Level, which is the EXACT SAME LEVEL as the current Heavy Escorts, and then they include a "Thunderchild Class costume" for the Exact same Commander LEVEL ESCORTS that the Thunderchild class refit package Already Comes With???? What the HELLLL. . . . O?

Every other REFIT that I know of, for instance the Venture Class Exploration Cruiser Refit, comes with a costume for two ADMIRAL LEVEL Retrofit ships. . . The Bellerophon Class Long Range Science Vessel Refit, comes with a costume for the Admiral Level - Long Range Science Vessel Retrofit. . . So there are 2 examples of how it usually goes, and how it should go with Refit Costumes.

As this Thunderchild Fiasco stands concerning my account, I have NO Characters who can use this WEAK Commander Level ship. . . I thought the costume was for a Admiral level ship which I could use, but it appears that I just wasted 800 Cryptic Points on this absurdity.

Seems like the folks who thought Up this Thunderchild Refit, were in the janitor closet smoking one too many. . . ! With that said, the Artwork and Design for the Thunderchild is AWESOME! But the execution of the Refit, is at best LAME. . . At least to me. . .

PS: Just a FYI warning; the Bellerophon Class Long Range Science Vessel Refit has what appears to be a rather Large Nacelle issue. I bought that Refit on the Tribble Test Server, and when I used the Advanced design function to customize my ship, the ships Nacelles were NO Longer in sink with each other. So when you go to warp and the Nacelles move to Warp Position, they ARE NOT the same as each other. One is up the other is straight. . . I put in a ticket for it, but have not heard anything yet. . . And boy does it look stupid. . . . JUST FYI so you don't get surprised like I did, . .have Fun my fellow Trekkers.
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11-03-2011, 09:47 PM

Woah...I feel like I tasted the rainbow reading that. You really should've done a bit more research on it to be sure of what you're buying. Yes you can use the Thunderchild parts with the regular heavy escort. Some people liked the costume, but don't want to be flying a plus one ship on principle or somesuch I guess. Also you forgot the Rhode Island which offered a refit for the Science Vessel that didn't unlock a costume for an RA or VA ship and came out long before the Thunderchild. Also the console that comes with it is amazing. So amazing it might be OP so it's not all bad.

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