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# 1 By Any Means
10-30-2011, 12:17 PM
Romulan Mission, By Any Mean mission is a game stopper, right at the end of the entire mission when you are asked to warp by your bridge officer to warp out of the system. You are not awarded mission completion. Iíve tried this mission several times now, doing different various alternatives, 15 minute cool down, dropping mission to redo from start.

Also Iíve noticed a lot of dialogue boxes causing major problems in this and other missions, if accidently closed disappear and stop you moving onto the next part of missions.

This emphasises everyoneís comments Iíve seen in the forums that linking all the missions in this fashion causes these sorts of problems and will cause major problems when this goes live in being able to level up a character. On holodeck at present thereís a problem with Saturdays Child.


This is a dialogue problem, you are able to "Search Databank" and beam up brefore "Disable Defensive Systems" thus mission fail. Make sure you "Disable Defensive Systems" outside the room before you activate "Search Databank"
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I got to the end of the Alpha Portion of this Mission, and went to talk to the Romulan Commander. After He "Escaped", I stayed instead of Beaming Up right then. I supposedly had One Anomaly of some sort left, and wanted to find it prior to Leaving the Base.

After he Escaped, First, I found No Additional Anomaly, as my Scan Said there should be, and I still needed to "Talk To The Romulan Commander", Only Problem is that He is NO LONGER There to be Talked to.

The way it looks now is that I will need to Re-Do the entire Mission to continue.

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