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12-19-2011, 04:03 PM
My only issue with torpedoes is the speed(velocity) of them. When someone's shields are down, you only have a very short chance of hitting them with torps prior to them regaining their shields again. I also don't like the fact that I can outrun them, it's looks funny. :p

Plasma torps need some love(unless your borg!). Still too easy to shoot down, and again, too slow.
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12-20-2011, 09:37 AM
Originally Posted by DodgeHopper View Post
I'm happy with torpedoes overall, I just feel their firing arcs are stupid. When in the shows did a ship have to line everything up in its little narrow forward or aft cone arc to hit something? I have an answer: Never. These are essentially guided missiles that track and can fire out the sides and loop any which direction you want them to. Now that there are things like the Aceton Assimilator out there, cryptic really needs to rethink this firing arc for torpedoes business. I've never liked it, and they're just making it worse like this. This would also make having a vacant shield facing more dangerous versus cruisers... and that's a good thing. Escorts should not be able to safely go toe to toe with a cruiser. (They can always spin like a top and let that missile hit a strong facing). This one change would help in generating player generated 'threat' in a pvp match. Even if a Cruiser is using Extend Shields and healing his friends properly, it is not the target of choice in pvp. If there is no reason to make it a target or let it get kills however, its kind of a stupid class. Many games do this, they make the 'Tank' either too good or too weak. The same can be said of control, healing and dps type builds. I feel an improvement to torpedo firing arcs might go a long way toward improving balance.
sounds like something i have echoed over and over. yes torpedoes are guided weapons and should act like it. 135 deg firing arc is appropriate for them. one canon source for this that i can remember is from the episode equinox part 2, were the equinox fired a torp from its forward launcher at warp at the chasing voyager that was directly astern. the nova class has no aft launchers, or it would have fired from one, and not from one of its fore launcher. we see torps chase ships relentlessly after they are fired, they don't have limited tracking ability after launch, so a firing arc for them really makes no sense.

also, no one hates this cruiser=tank, escort=dps, science=crowd control more then me, that's not how starships work. my take on it is in Fundamental change to ship tiers proposal link in my sig

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