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I had this happen a number of times (5 on Fed side, 7 on KDF).

When I Complete these Recruitment/Call of Duty missions it will list certain DOffs in the Mission Details. It even shows their colors (green, blue, etc.) showing their quality. But when I click to accept the rewards I get totally different DOffs, differently named and of different quality.

I once was supposed to get two Uncommon DOffs as a reward and got two Commons instead. Another time I was supposed to be getting a Rare in a mix of two Uncommons and a Common. Again, this turned out to be all Commons when I actually accepted reward.

I know a lot of people don't notice this because they simply receive too many DOffs and don't take the time to scan through their Roster to check at the time. I did. I wrote down the names and quality and checked against my Chat Window Notifications and Roster each time and each time I was rewarded something that was not listed as the reward.

Please look into this. Thanks!

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11-02-2011, 03:09 AM
I've been getting the same thing. I'd like to see some of those blue doffs I've allegedly been getting.
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11-02-2011, 04:08 AM
That issue isnt limitet to DOFFs, I have it with EVERY item out of those missions.

For example.... I'm starting an assignment that is supposed to give me an MKX dual DISRUPTOR cannon.
When the missions is completet it is suddenly an MK XI dual PHASER cannon.
When I take it... I end up with a IX dual TRETRYON cannon in my inventory... WTF?
The MK changes, the quality changes... just the fact that it are supposed to be duals remain.

That happens to ALL kind of DOFF mission rewards.
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11-02-2011, 04:09 AM
This is one of the known issues. You don't actually get the items shown in the rewards. What happens is once you click Collect Rewards the server randomly assigns you the items. Look at any of the DOffs shown as a reward and then look at the ones you actually get, they're almost never the same.

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