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As we all know, after Dstahl left Cryptic, the "Engineering Reports" kinda left with him. We've had very little in the form of recurring communication from Cryptic since his departure, other than the 15 or so "blog reports". While yes, the blog reports have been quite informative, and the graphics that go alongside the reports have been helpful, I'd like to take this opportunity to provide a suggestion to keep your customers (and potential customers) fairly updated on what's going on:

A list of the "main developers" for Star Trek Online, such CapnLogan, Heretic and Gozer, could have their very own "blog reports", on a fairly regular basis (weekly or semi-weekly updates), and in each report they be allowed to share the latest information in regards to what is actively being worked on, things that are intended for release in the relatively "near future" etc.

Using my examples above it would be:
- Weekly update on what's being worked on in terms of new ships (CapnLogan)
- Weekly update on what new game systems are being added/changed such as the DOff system (Heretic)
- Weekly update on upcoming/new/changed STFs (Gozer)

All 3 of the above, do post somewhat frequently in the forums, and the occasional "tweet leak" on Twitter. But my suggestion involves keeping the visitors to -this- site, somewhat informed so that you don't have to go browsing through dozens/hundreds of forum threads, or looking through various Twitter feeds to get the information.

All of the above in regards to new "blog reports", would ofcourse be subject to if the developers are allowed to release such information by the Executive Producer and other "higher ups" in the command hierarchy.

Open for discussion.

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