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Features, Large map with zones dealing with different missions.

Missions offered depends apon the shuttle the player operates.

ONLY doff skills are uses. Player rank skill are disables. Weapons ship and ground are auto leveled to Mk X white quality no matter what is equipped. No special powers or abilities are permitted other then BOFF's and those in space maps only. KIT powers are disabled. Area is open to ALL ranks of players (which is why all powers are disabled.. to level the playing field)

Player enter via shuttle/fighter . all maps are TO SCALE. When approching a ship player WILL be able, and required to fly thier shuttle precisely into a shuttle bay to land when entering the mission. Poor piloting will result in reduced mission reward. Really poor piloting will get you booted out of the mission. Missions will be flown from the pilot seat of the shuttle (a new hud type will be needed to provide sensor arrays displays so player know whats around them above, below, behind)

when sufficient player ahve arrived to play, missions will be offered.

Types of mission
Space Superiority (dog fighting)
Patrol (AI enemies with a possibility of running into other factions patrol.. must hit check points and remain at check points untill sleared for the enxt leg by the mission controller)
S.A.R. (search and rescue) A pilot has ejected! Go find them and get them home safe!
Rescue! a civilian or ship of the fleet has been crippled. Go recover the crew and passengers and get them back safe! (this mission would include a ground combat portion. Some players would rescue survivors while other hold back opposion that could be other players or AI and provide security. ANd there is still the matter of getting them back to the rescue ship!
Ground assult.. Fly your away team to the planets surface land them, and then provide close air support!
WIngman! "We cant risk a star ship, but a flight of shuttles should be ale to get in and get before they realize whats hit them" You fly wing for an AI shuttle.. your job is to keep him alive. AI shuttle is heavily laden with a "enter tecnobabble here" and must delever its payload to the target. once the payload is delivered that shuttle will be able to move and fight normally.. Untill then, keep it alive.

There are a great many other possibilities. The main thing though is mission based opposed play. Your mission is to do X, theier mission is to prevent you from doing X.. which sometimes might be your job.

Nerfing special power bothe ground and space is to open up the missions to ALL players. how well players do will be based apon thier personal skill, and ability to orginize them selves and not any near magical abilities.
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11-04-2011, 08:18 AM
If it adds to the skill required and gives us something new.... heck yes.

Wish Mavario was here to see SW take-off.
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11-04-2011, 09:58 AM
I think the really cool approach here would be to use the larger models of the Galaxy and BoP from the ground maps and have the objective of the shuttle PvP be in part to defend the bigger ship in round 1.

Then round 2 is boarding the enemy ship and is a competitive race, with each side trying to complete the boarding party PvE scenario faster.
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11-04-2011, 10:44 AM
Not sure I'm with everything the op discusses but the over all idea sounds good to me.

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