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Ok so I am an engi in my beloved Tact escort retrofit, I use the covar Mk XI Cap x3 shields. All I do is PvP (space of course) and now in my 620th day of subscribing (yea I know Should of got lifetime way back lol) and all I do is sit in the Sol system and wait for the queues to pop.

I have the full Borg set yet only use the Console, Deflector and Engines with my cap shields. So i tried today using the full Borg set (Borg Shields) and boy was that an eye opener.

I noticed I could not keep my shield facing up at all.

I am all set up for maximum shield heals and buffs only, no hull heals. With my Cap Covar shields I can tank reasonably well, but the Borg Shields geeez.

Whats the secret to doing well with Borg Shields?????????

(I have only ever used Covar sheilds, thinking ill stick with em)

Hope your all well
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# 2
11-04-2011, 12:00 PM
The trick with Borg shields is to keep them regenerating. You do this by keeping your shield power high and having supporting powers like EPtS, TSS and etc.

Personally I only use the Borg shields on my Dreadnought. With my Escorts I run shield power at 25% and use the Ageis shield going for maximum capacity.
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# 3
11-04-2011, 12:01 PM
Borg shields are Regenerative Shields. They have less HP than covariant shields. A LOT less than cap x3. They work better with regenerative builds (High shield power, regen consoles, epts, etc.)

EDIT: What DV said
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# 4
11-04-2011, 12:14 PM
The only escorts I have seen pull of regen shields pretty well are FE and Raptors because of the extra engineering consoles that allow for more exotic power presets.
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# 5
11-04-2011, 12:27 PM
Regen and mitigation is the key. I run borg set with aegis deflector because of the extra 5 shield power to help out the shield regen. I run the Borg shields on all my set ups, but it does require you to put some effort into them. I believe the payoff is well worth it. Here's some tips. Always have a tac team ready to mitigate damage. It's the first ability your going to want to hit when someone comes in on an alpha run against you. TSS is nice to have for increased mitigation. Epts is a must to keep power levels high enough to keep regen rates high and for even more mitigation. +13% shield regen console>+35% capacity console. Having them both equipped is nice if you dont run with a eps manifold. MOVE. if your tac team is on cooldown(which if you run two version of it, it's not going to be down for too long), then keep moving to keep your defense high and a fresh shield facing whoever is shooting at you. Redistributing your shields during this time is how to make your high regen rate really pay off.

I think it's safe to say that the majority of pvp players use the Borg shields. They take a little more effort, but IMO the biggest payoff is less stress on your healers. Escorts don't have all that much control over keeping covariant shields recharged, but some smart flying and layout can naturally keep Borg shields recharging through regen instead of from science heals
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# 6
11-04-2011, 02:23 PM
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# 7
11-04-2011, 03:07 PM
Originally Posted by amidoinitright View Post
Lol, been accused plenty of times for shield hax :-) working properly, especially if you flip to full shield power if your in trouble, I can see why the borg's super high regen doesn't look right. (which reminds me of another point. Using your shield power to get you out of a mess helps you out twice as much vs covariant. They both benefit from extra mitigation, but the borg shields regen makes the defensive nature of going to high shields way more beneficial.)
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# 8
11-04-2011, 04:45 PM
If u use two em2shields, it shouldn't be difficult to maintain your shields in normal pvp circumstances. They are bad against good alpha but they are good for prolonged fight. And the proc is amazing. It happens that sometimes i go from zero to full in combination with em2shields 2 + tss or borg proc. Not to mention tac team ^^
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# 9
11-04-2011, 05:17 PM
Originally Posted by Captain Data
The only escorts I have seen pull of regen shields pretty well are FE and Raptors because of the extra engineering consoles that allow for more exotic power presets.
See what the above says.......

I understand what the other pvp players have posted... but !!! my set up is concentrated on shield regain only

Tact BO Station Commander
Torp spread I
Beam Overload II (cannon rapid fire I)
Beam Overload III (cannon rapid fire II)
Attack Pattern Omega III

Tact LtCmdr BO Station
Tact Team I
Torp High Yeild II
Attack Patern Omega I

Tact Ensign BO Station
Tact team I

Eng Lt BO Station
Epts I
Epts II

Sci Lt BO Station
Sci Team I
Tss II

(please note I use the two copys of APO for their defensive capabilities, and that I generaly run with beams over cannons purely for the manouverability which = defense, whilst still doing very good dmg and kills for the team, I do use cannons too, I just change 1 BO over to accomadate this)

The above with the standard Eng Toon abilities (rotate shield freq, nadion inversion, eps power trans, eng fleet, miricle worker) all geared towards to keeping my shields up. Now you would think that this would be ample to keep the Borg Shields up and running smoothly.... but for me I struggle. I just feel that the above setup is superb for the Covar Mk XI Cap x3 shields.

Dont get me wrong I know the pvp game very well as it is all I do, so I do understand when to use my abilities during battles and when to fire off certain weapons......

I just dont understand the Regain (Borg) shields.

I would greatly appreciate other dedicated pvp'ers setups that use the Borg shields so I may look at and try to adopt as I can see the benefits from using them.

Thanks again all, look forward to seeing you in the areanas (say hi if you come accross me ingame)

PS: Noticed I ramble alot sry, but stick with the pvp and dont leave, just see the unbalance and flaws as a test of tanking, stratagey and skill. GOD BLESS THE PVP COMUNITY
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# 10
11-04-2011, 08:41 PM
Like i said 100% times, there is no best shield.

Every shield performs its duty in a specific situation. To be honest the variables in a space fight (arena fight) are too big to state any conclusion on either shield. Thats why 'Borg vs Aegis, or Borg vs Resilient, or Covariant vs Borg discussions are quite irrelevant since they always state a personal opinion really.

To your question? Use 2x TT to somewhat compensate for the lack of capacity.

With using Borg shields, you get +5 to shield power, by using this shield you can take the Aegis Deflector which also gives you +5 to shields, total of 10. (Also improves the already awesome regeneration even further), and also Shield Resistance will improve again by it, somewhat compensates for the loss of Capacity again)...

With this combination, using the Borg console and Borg engine, you still make full use of your Passive two Borg bonus heals (shield and hull)

Last but not least, and advisable on any ship, the +35 cap console.

Well, what else can I give you... By using the Borg shield you have less capacity, meaning people can penetrate your shields faster especially with Alpha Strikes.

Charged particle bursts snoops the same amount of shied off your shield (lol) although it seems more, that is ofcourse because of the lower capacity. Yet with using 2x EptS (Which I think is mandatory on all PvP ships on a rotation) you also see a big shield fill when using this ability, logically ofcourse.

You are more vulnerable to initial alpha's, charge particle burts to an extend.

On the other hand, when the most of the buffs have been used by people from the opposing team, you are mostly good to go, and often at an advantage. People have used their healing buffs as well, etc etc etc.

So then again you are at an advantage, and some people call Escorts dirty tanks and cheaters.
Borg shields are also often a great advantage in 1v1's, mainly because you only have to endure firepower from 1 ship, meaning your regeneration will quickly have much more benefit then capacity in that matter.

Especially when fighting a ship without any burst and 'not so great' firepower, like cruisers, carriers, etcetera.

In my personal oppinion, Shield Array [cap]x3 would be the main shield which benefits you for most of the aspects (Cap and Reg) and in fact, what alot of people dont know, the Capacity and Regeneration stats of the Normal Shield Array [cap]x3 is better then the Aegis stats, excluding the +5 to Performance and Maintenance (NOT powerlevel) which could be considered rather unnoticable).


Personally? I NEVER switch BUZZ shields all BUZZ the time. Covariant BUZZ gives me a greater buffer and time to use BUZZ my own healing (Transfer BUZZ Shield Strength) and in a good BUZZ team it can give the team enough time to heal you in case of you being attacked. Thats why I think, especially in a good BUZZ premade, BUZZ you should run Covariant in an Arena. (But often Im BUZZ selfish or pugging and i still use my Borg :p) but that's BUZZ that. Shield BUZZ Array [cap]x3 would also be a viable solution, best of both worlds. Although with any setup BUZZ using a custom shield (Covariant cap x3 BUZZ and shield array [cap]x3 you are forced to BUZZ use the 3 other borg parts as well to still benefit from the BUZZ borg passives.

Meaning you will also miss +5 power from the borg shield, and +5 from the aegis deflector. How significant it may be, you might or might not, find that out for yourself.

Thats all for now, kthxbye. BUZZ

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