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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

EDITED to add a known issue.
EDIT 2: added information about the skill point cap increase. (Thanks for pointing out the omission!)

  • Each transwarp power now has its own unique icon to let you know which sector block you are warping to.
  • The bulletins window no longer pops up before the opening cinematic plays.
  • Dilithium refinement changes for gold players:
    • When a player logs in for the first time during a dilithium refining day and they have dilithium ore, it will refine all ore up to the maximum possible since the last time they refined ore.
      • For example, a player logs in on Monday and manually refines 2500 ore. They next log in on Thursday and we automatically refine 21500 ore
        • 5500 for Monday, and 8000 each for Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • Resolved an issue that allowed fleets to have duplicate names.
  • Foundry contact "Style" animations now play properly.
  • Updated Klingon crafting stores to include even-mark items with dilithium costs, and dilithium costs for all Mk IX and XI items.
  • Resolved an issue on the Bellerophon where any other stanchion would be upside down and wonky.
  • Players will no longer be able to lay mines or cover shields on Earth Spacedock or in QoínoS.
  • The color picker no longer defaults selection to a recent color instead of the color in the main palette.
  • Re-enabled the ability to right-click equip items when there is already an item in the correct slot.

  • All New Skill System:
    • The skill point cap has been raised by 50 points.
    • When you log in after this change:
      • All of your skill points will be refunded to you and you will have none spent.
      • When you enter a map you will be prompted to spend your skill points.
        • If you do not spend your skill points you will be prompted on every single map to do so.
    • All Space Skills have been changed.
      • The effects of all space skills are more transparent.
        • Most simply improve a function type directly.
          • Such as improving all healing or all control powers.
        • Alternately, the skill may simply grant a direct bonus.
    • Training/Command skill branch is gone.
      • No more ship captain skills.
        • There are just flat ship bonuses that apply to any ship you fly.
        • This is designed to let you swap ships painlessly.
    • The space weapon skill branch no longer has energy/torpedo type skills.
      • This is designed to let you swap weapons painlessly.
    • There are a lot fewer skills now. As such, the cost has increased by 50%.
    • All space powers and abilities have been adjusted to utilize the new skills.
    • All Items that affected skills have been updated.
      • This significantly impacted Science Consoles and Defector Dish Items. They have all been adjusted to utilize the new skills.
    • Ground skills, powers, and items remain unchanged for now, except for having their costs updated.
  • Changes to the Excelsior have been reverted back to the state that it is on Holodeck.
  • Due to player feedback, Devidian powers and abilities have been tuned down slightly.
  • Carrier AI updates to fighters & raiders:
    • On Attack mode, craft will now follow you if there are no more enemies to fight, until you target a new enemy or are attacked.
    • On Recall mode, craft will engage full impulse to follow you if they are too far away.
    • Intercept mode has received overhauls.
      • Your craft will intercept enemy mines, fighters, or torpedoes within 12 km preferentially, and will still attack enemy ships if no other small targets are available.
    • Updated all carrier fighter pets so you can equip more than one.
    • Buffed player carrier pets to compensate for reduction of waves from 3 to 2.
    • Updated carrier pet store so you can only buy certain pets if you own the correct ship.
  • Gorn Aceton Assimilators can no longer be deployed while cloaked.
  • Slightly reduced potential displacement distance for additional Gravity Wells formed by Gravimetric active roster duty officer power.
  • Targetable torpedoes now have a very high defense value; approximately three shots in four will miss.
  • Reduced max number of targets Torpedo Spread can hit.
    • Was incorrectly set at 10. Now itís 3, 4 and 5 (based on Rank of the spread).
      • Tricobalts remain at 2,3,4 max number of targets.

Duty Officers:
  • The Sickbay tab will now display Duty Officers in sickbay, instead of showing Sickbay assignments.
    • Sickbay assignments will now be displayed on the Assignments tab.
  • Request Duty Officers will now display the appropriate Duty Officer Packs from the C-Store, as well as the Recruitment Packs.
    • This tab will also allow you to open the packs, without having to hunt for them in your inventory.
  • Recommendations should now default to the First Officer if you do not have any bridge officers for the department head.
  • Duty Officer assignments will now display a pie graph of the various success rates.
  • Duty Officers on assignment will now display the time remaining on an assignment in their dossier.
  • Updates to commendation accolades to make them award more smoothly and added correct icons.
  • Resolve an issue where the specialization icon was not disappearing.
  • Duty Officer assignments will now always appear in the Completed List before going to the Assignment Log until you read it.
  • Moved Assignment Log to its own tab.
    • The Assignment outcome now displays for assignments in the Assignment Log.
  • The available assignment lists will now display the assignment with an error if you do not have enough duty officers to satisfy all of the slots.
  • Added failure message when unpacking a cadre duty officer recruitment assignment and your reserve roster is full.
  • Reduced Military resupply assignment commodity requirements.
  • Ensure that in the rare event of 20 failures/disasters, assignments will not be lost.
  • Reduced Reassignment assignment durations, lockouts and Dilithium rewards.
    • Reassignment assignments now take an hour and have essentially no lockout time.
  • Added Brig tab that stores up to 20 Prisoners.
    • Only new Prisoners will be eligible.
  • Added Passengers tab that stores up to 20 Colonists.
    • Only new Colonists will be eligible.
  • Added Cargo Bay tab that shows you all commodities you have in your inventory or your personal bank.
  • Most Uncommon or rarer assignments will now require at least one slot by specialization rather than department.
    • The other slots may or may not also require by specialization rather than department.
    • Not every assignment will follow this model.
  • Added additional sector block for Federation prisoner exchange assignment.
  • Sector assignments have been broken up internally into "long" ones that are 20h or longer, and "short" ones.
    • The sector assignment distribution can have up to three long assignments; the rest will be short assignments.
    • Long assignments of 20h or more now have vastly improved CXP rewards compared to before.
    • Many assignments have had their durations changed; some have had their rarity changed.
  • Reduced the sector assignment refresh rate from four hours to two hours.
  • Re-named trait "Trader" to "Cunning" and trait "Diplomatic" to "Tactful".
  • Bridge officers on the ground will now take advantage of your active rostered duty officers.
  • Added red warning text to descriptions of assignments where you can lose duty officers of green or better quality.
  • Added death text to "not really dead, but still removed from your roster" assignments such as dropping colonists off or reassignments.
  • Added long-duration Trade assignments and short-term Medical assignments. More of both still intended.
  • Reduced Military resupply assignment commodity requirements.
  • Renamed anomaly assignments to include the basic data sample given.
  • KDF prisoner exchange no longer gives DXP.
  • Added civil engineering, routine shipboard medical, shipboard development and many other assignments.
  • Made Gold Pressed Latinum assignments rarer and mostly in outlying sectors.
  • Increased max CXP to 150,000.

  • Normal and Elite versions of all STFs are now available from the Queue.
  • STF trash mobs drop loot slightly more often.
  • Every Weekend a specific STF is showcased as an event.
    • Running the specific STF on its weekend will give players more EDCís (formerly known as Common Salvage) as well as slightly more Dilithium Ore.
      • The difficulty (Normal or Elite) of the STF will determine the bonus amount you will receive.
    • This is an ongoing event that will happen every weekend, however the specific STF will change from week to week.
      • Check the in-game calendar in the Events section of your Journal for more details and for the schedule.
  • Queue Auto-Teaming may still have some issues, but we think we may have found them all. Let us know if you see auto-teaming issues.

  • Under the Cover of Night: Can now scan Freighters while moving
  • Night of the Comet: Resolved issue that occasionally allowed bar fighters to become invulnerable.
  • Night of the Comet: Changed the D7 Cruisers to a weaker version.
  • Hana System: Destroying the turrets before the rendezvous with the U.S.S. Mirek no longer blocks mission completion.
  • War is Good Business: Captain Mok is killable once again.

Known Issues:
  • There is an issue that allows certain ship powers to be used on every ship without having to equip the related console:
    • Emission Seeking Torpedo
    • Photonic Shockwave Torpedo Ė Load
  • Ki'tang Bird-of-Prey cannot be obtained for free with a Captain ship plaque.
  • All maps entered via a queue will boot you out 5 seconds after the mission is complete.
    • This includes STFs, so grab that loot as fast as possible.
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# 2
11-04-2011, 01:03 PM
Sweet, thanks for the heads up.

Look forward to checking out the changes.
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# 3
11-04-2011, 01:03 PM
Nice update.
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# 4
11-04-2011, 01:04 PM
thanks, looking forward to seeing the skill system or at least it seems the space part of it.

great having tabs for commodities. that's really helpful.
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# 5
11-04-2011, 01:05 PM
looks good. can't wait.
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# 6
11-04-2011, 01:05 PM
The bug in "Under the Cover of Night" was also present in treasure trading station and a few other places. Has it been fixed for all of them, or just for t e one mission?

Also, new skill system! *squee*
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# 7
11-04-2011, 01:07 PM
This can silence a lot of critics that say you never listen to what they say...

The fact that you are doing a Dilithium refinement change for Gold Players is big and it's funny because I was just reading about that possible solution a few days ago. Well done.

Also.. The 3/4 misses on the torpedos like Plasmas and Tricobalts now officially makes them fun as can be to use. This coupled with the buffs to torpedos makes plasmas now something to play with.

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# 8
11-04-2011, 01:09 PM
Now, if only I had some C points, with the new skills in I could try out a carrier while I wait for the Ki'Tang fix.
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# 9 Wow
11-04-2011, 01:09 PM
can not wait to play with my VA
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# 10
11-04-2011, 01:18 PM
thx Rex, thou I would have prefeared the energy weapon type to skill into

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