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# 1 Fewer DOFF missions?
11-06-2011, 01:39 AM
Is it just me or have there been fewer DOFF missions the last day or two? For a few days I had no trouble getting 20 missions with a healthy helping of missions that were 4 hours plus. So I was logging in with a handfull of missions completed.
But it seems that there have been fewer missions and a lot of the missions are less than 4 hours. Which basically means that I'm not running missions when I'm logged off.
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# 2
11-06-2011, 01:56 AM
Are you travelling? You need to go to different sector blocks to repopulate the mission table.
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# 3
11-06-2011, 01:08 AM
Um.. maybe not as much? I spent most of the day doing STFs so I guess I stayed close to Sirius and Regulus.
So if I hit different sectors I could load up on 12hr, 1 or 2 day missions?

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