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11-06-2011, 01:15 PM
Also, while I like that the specific weapon types have been removed from the skill tree I'd still like to see a systems where you have the potential to further gain innate skill based on what you are using. If your load out is quantum torpedoes, phasers split into cannons and beams then each successful hit has a chance to gain a point in any of those weapon types. If you equip disruptors beams and cannons you lose your phaser bonus but still have the bonus from beams and cannons. The effect to could be small, slight innate increases to accuracy, damage, severity or critical chance. A capped skill might provide a very small chance at an extra volley fired, a high stacked critical chance, or something that would be nice not frequent enough to be game breaking.

It's your basic random positive schedule of reinforcement that encourages people to play/participate more and adds grind (which someone, somewhere, said Cryptic was interested in adding). This grind wouldn't be trivial. Also, the C-store could sell an item that improves a chance for something to skill up for a short period of time.
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11-06-2011, 01:23 PM
Originally Posted by Dwaindablane View Post
I wonder what cryptic was thinking about when they redid the space skills?

The current skills tree on Holodeck works just fine and didn't need many changes to it here on tribble, just needed the energy weapons and references to ship classes removed.

Speak with any other MMO player out there and their going to say this new system takes the skill out of the spec'in characters now.

Cryptic, You need a rethink on this one, not just minor tweeks here and there :p
I completely agree, moreover the elimnation of weapons type & ship classes would alow points to be "backfilled" in what's already there & maybe not be forced to either have a ground or a space twinkie.

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