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# 1 Photonic Torp.... żAlways?
11-05-2011, 10:29 AM

I use, "similar" positions to all skills on the diferent ships. And I see this...

I was ussing the VA Bellerophon with his console (really of course, is a VA intrepid class with skin and console).

When I change the ship to my "Assault" Cruiser, that skil (photonic torp) was on my "skill UI"... and works it!!! I flight against Borg in a "infected" escenary and I can use that skil many times (of course with his own recharge time). And of course, I didn't the Nadion Console on my ship.... I only can say one thing... Useful

I want make a ticket but on tribble, I think that some not works with it... (I make some of them in the last weeks and they no exist when I see the opens (and closed or any another type) tickets.... Really, I was delete a char with a problem on "tutorial mission" beacuose I didn't have any response, on in a week.

If you wish verify that, My char is Saavick and she just has the assault cruiser just as I try the last night. And I not touch it to permit any posible try that you can make with she and her ship.

Thanks to everybody, and sorry for my bad english.
Thanks to Cryptic's crew for your work

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