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11-06-2011, 01:31 AM
Originally Posted by blackadda
The Skill cap needs to be raised to be evenly divisible by 150 to remove the Cludge.

The Global Cap should raised by 500 points from 72700 to 73200 to smooth out the points spending headache.

The reasoning for is very simple... Each new tier should be unlocked with an exact number of skillups bought from the previous tier, with no points leftover, currently you are left with uneven amounts of excess points which leads to headaches later in the game.

If i unlock Tier 2, i should only have to put points into tier 2 to obtain the perfect number of points for tier 3, and so on.

the only way i see you can do this is to redo the points distribution//unlock levels and maximum skill points obtainable to "Smooth out the curve"

Skillpoints totals/unlocks should be

Tier 2 at 6750 spent (45 Tier 1 skillups)
Tier 3 at 18750 spent (40 Tier 2 skillups)
Tier 4 at 34950 spent (36 Tier 3 skillups)
Tier 5 at 52950 spent (30 Tier 4 skillups)
Tier 5 to Cap (27 Tier 5 skillups, or 20250 points spent)

This should be very simple to address as adding 500 points to the XP requirement needed to hit max level is a simple change... as is the skill point table change.

Hopefully this is addressed shortly... its very annoying to have to mess about playing skillpoint tetris to try and spend all skill points.
The others have addressed it; (and I thought the same thing as you) - BUT existing VA1/LG1 players need to earn that 50 SP - then it all works.)

Now, I was able to get 50 SP real quick by completing some Doff missions I ready to tuen in. HOWEVER - I hope the folks at Cryptic realize that this WILL NOT be the case when this all hits Holodeck (IE VA1/LG1 players will need to do a regular mission of some type - and in effect - IF they respec as soon as they log in; it's a WASTED respec as they'll have to Respec again once they have earned the 50 SP. And BELIEVE ME that WILL be the case - and no VA1 will want to leave the build in the condition it will be - namely 50 points short of a skill - and casuals may think they're going nuts trying to make it all balance out.)

My suggestion is: Just GIVE VA1/LG1s a bonus 50 SP as soon as they log in for the first time after this goes live to avoid that mess - and please believe me whe n I say ANY VA1/LG1 character that logs in on F2P launch already earned more than that 50 SP already and most plobably have THOUSANDS in unused Boff SP.
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# 12
11-06-2011, 01:50 PM
Originally Posted by Harmony-Jade View Post
Fair enough, but you still had to go back to a lower tier to finish spending your points.

It still highlights the same flaw in the system. you're having to go back to lower tiers to add filler points long after you have unlocked the higher tiers, just to finish spending your points.

Once a tier is unlocked, you shouldn't have to go back to a lower tier to spend points, unless you want to.
I've *always* had to go back to a lower tier, or have always 'overspent' in a lower tier (usually never T1 though), to spend all my SP. I don't see what the issue is, personally.
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# 13
11-06-2011, 05:43 PM
I'm a little confused by the skill cap increase. How does this truly rectify the odd number of skills you're forced to buy at tier 1? It doesn't -- you have to spend 50 over the promotion break point before you get promoted (i.e., before you can buy any tier 2 skills), not at the endgame.

Plus, you're not really getting an extra 50 points to play with. Those points are borrowed against the day when the skill cap increases. Not having that 50 later on could mean you're forced to pick a cheap tier 1 skill instead of taking something higher.

I'd like to see the first promotion break point lowered to 6,600. That frees up 150 points you could use toward higher-tier skills sooner, and then if you've got your 150 leftover at the end, you can throw another tier 1 tick in there.

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