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Short summary: KDF Raptor C-Store Universal console the Plasmatic Leech console, when equipped, is not showing up as an activated power.

Description: Power is not listed in the power descriptions, and there appears to be no way to activate the power that the console has. This bug showed up in a LTG in a Qin Heavy Raptor with the console equipped. Note that the console was equipped on the ground, no console listed in the power, so I unequipped it and equipped it again while in space (in orbit around Qonos. There was no change the power still did not appear.


Ship Equipment, Ship Powers. .

How to reproduce (If known.)

1- equip console
2- look for the console icon in either the power tray or in the powers description while in space.


Qonos Orbit.



Although I can equip the console easily on the Raptor, it is almost as if the console does not exist. The console description does state that it is an activated power.
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
Posts: 120
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11-06-2011, 05:12 PM
For at least I week or so I thought this was a bug, too.

Then I stumbled upon a thread where someone mentioned that the leach is a passive ability that affects all your weapons, and therefore doesn't need a power tray button/icon. The long info on the power does indicate this, but unless you happened to check the long info, it's very easy to misunderstand the way the power works.

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