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The tutorial mission "Welcoming the Federation" works fine untl you get to the 3rd part where it says defeat 0/3 and you can go in and destroy 100 ships and still not complete 1 of 3, so annoying.

Also now at Capt 6 in the Empire Defense against Romulan Agression: Defeat Romulan Battle Groups in the Azure Nebula (0/3) I'm running into the same thing where you can go into an instance and fight till the cows come home to no good as you cannot complete the engagement. This also is SO annoying.

So it seems that anything that has defeat battle groups (0/3) can't complete, which would be the tutorial fed mission, the Empire Defense against Romulan, Cardassian & I'm guessing the Feds if I could get past the introductory version of their mission.

You guys want high end Klingon bug reports? Fix the low end stuff and maybe some of us could progress to BG in a timely fashion.

Free to play is going to be a frigging disaster come launch time if even the basics aren't working correctly. With so many gaming choices out there an unpleasant experience will sour potential new players from digging deeper into the game. ESPECIALLY those players who would prefer to play Klingons exclusively once they are unlocked like my friend Bob.

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