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I'm what you would call an original gamer. I started out on pong, and have been hooked ever since.

When I was a kid, I would mow lawns, pick up bottles and cans for the 5 cent return, wash cars, rake yards or do what ever I had to gain a pocket full of quarters and then ride my bike down to the mall, and plunk quarters into games till my pocket was empty after a fun filled Saturday afternoon. A bit later they swapped to tokens, and at times I would splurge on 5 bucks worth of tokens as you got an extra 8, and then I was good to go for 4-6 hours. Let me tell ya, in 1985 5 bucks was worth a heck of a lot more than it was today yet i was happy to spend it frivously at the arcade (Funny thatís the average DLC cost)

I only got to play the game for that short time, and when my time was up, or better yet, all my lives lost, I was sent home to scrounge for money till the next weekend rolled around and i could enjoy everything from from Asteroids to Zaxxon and everything in between yet again.

Later i picked up cartridges for home consoles. Games like asteroids, and q-bert, and pitfall, lady bug, and later EA sport games and racing games on the newer systems, many were very basic, yet I didnít mind spending my hard earned cash cause playing games was so much fun.

But now, I see all the time, people outraged for having to shell out 5 bucks on some DLC, or how dare they charge 3 bucks for a costume, or 10 bucks for 10 hours of content, Ohh the outrage!! Why should I have to pay to play?

Personally I love gaming, and find the cost to be virtual peanuts in the grand scheme of things. I just hope in the FTP future of this game people do spend a few bucks of that hard earned cash, so that more cool things will come.

But my real question is why all the hate about having to shell out a few bucks for some entertainment? A single ticket to a movie costs 8-15 bucks depending where you are. And I never found a game I could finish for that price, that fast. Yet some how spending 5 bucks on something you finish in 5 hours is a complete waste of money. Even a 3-dollar magazine that takes an hour to read is considered a great deal.

I just donít get it. Can anyone enlighten?
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11-07-2011, 02:34 AM
Pay to Play = Standard MMO Subscription 15$ US Monthly
Pay to Win = Free To Play with Pay more for Slight Advantage

It's not that people are mad to pay to play, that's perfectly Normal, I expected to Pay-To-Play when I bought this MMO. It's the Pay to Win from the Asian Game Front that is stirring all the "I'm too cheap to Pay More" out rage...
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11-07-2011, 02:37 AM
money is not a big concern to me right now. im not rolling in it but ive got enough so paying for things does not concern me. i treat this like a hobby, instead of collecting warhammer figures, or building toy models i play games and some games cost extra money.

i can sort of understand that people pay a monthly sub and therefore expect that to cover everything, and perhaps it should but its like any business, if people will pay for it then companies will charge it.

the real world will try and bleed you dry and so will the world of computer games because people in the past have paid for it. end of the day for me, no ones forces me to buy anything. i buy because i want to, and i want to support a game that i love playing. the more money they make, the longer this game will last.
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11-07-2011, 03:10 AM
My concern isnt money DIRECTLY.

My concern is beeing forced to pay money for stuff that value is in no relation to its price but neccessary to continue, 870 CP for a respec for example.

I have no issues to pay money for ships, costumes, character slots... special BOs, pets (!!!!!accountwide!!!!!!!)... even missions.... even stuff like respecs for a RESONABLE price (and I still think 400 cp are not reasonable).
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11-07-2011, 08:12 AM
All depends on your point of view.

Years ago I was totally against the Pay to Play model. Then I finally agreed to try one out.

Now I have several MMOs under my belt...

Free to Play worries me...Not because of the so called "Pay to Win" mentality...It's the class of people that usually hang out with F2P games. Generally the community suffers...greatly. Chat channels are inundated with all kinds of crap...because hey...what do they care..They aren't they won't lose anything if they get banned.

Micro-transactions also used to bother me...but then I realized it's not so long as it's not over charged.

So far...I have yet to see anything that really is "Pay to Win" item. You don't HAVE to have certain things to win.

I know several PvPers that haven't really bought much from the C-Store and they dominate.

Yeah...some things from the C-Store are a bit...much....but in a F2P else are they going to make money?

All these Anti-Cryptic people are actually getting on my nerves...but hey...If that's how they want to spend their time...badmouthing everything "because they can" then so be it.

I am a lifer. I plan on staying. Am I happy with EVERYTHING Cryptic has done? I'd be lying if I said yes.....hehe
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11-07-2011, 11:57 AM
I couldn't agree with you more Lazer. I have been paying for games all my life and i intend to continue doing so. I don't understand the complaints myself. In my experience with this game, the C-store really doesn't give you an edge in my opinion. The only Pay to win issue i forsee is the ability of those with money to buy large amounts of dilithium and gain an advantage through that, but meh we can deal with that. T

The biggest thing i hope to see with the F2P edition is (and maybe this already exists and i haven't found it yet) is the ability to mute zone chat. Right now it isn't a problem but when it goes F2P it may become a problem on the level of the Barrens in WoW where you lose IQ points by simply reading it.

One of the things i think people forget when considering what a fair price is, is that we don't own that company. They as a company have a right to set their prices as they see fit and if we don't like them we don't have to play. On the same note, with all the complaints about changes to the game, again it is their company and their product, they can do as they wish and if we don't like it, we don't have to play. We should be greatful that they value our input as they have and allow us to play and give it. Alot of companies don't care what the end user thinks.

And all those people who are anti-cryptic, I find it interesting that you are so against the company yet you continue to support them by posting on their forums. Why don't you go do something productive?

Anyways those are my thoughts on those few matters.

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