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I don't like the way it is currently set up, and here is why.

For one thing, it is too general and not specialized enough. I actually enjoyed putting points into antiproton weapons the way it was, since that is the only type I use and enjoy. It suits my style of play. It has been made too "easy" to just make one standard type of ship setup and, as fleet members have pointed out to me, that makes it less enjoyable and more standardized, since most people we will fight in pvp will have similar setups. it takes away ingenuity and creativity.

I can understand that new players attracted to the game for its freeness soon will understand it more and be able to set up their characters with less hassle. Doesn't that take away from joining a fleet and having your newfound friends give you advice and work with you? Doesn't the new changes proposed take away from this being a COMMUNITY of fellow gamers or star trek fans that want to play with others?

I am a fan first, gamer a distant second. I have such little experience in MMPOGs that it is ridiculous. I don't like the new proposal personally, because it looks like my ship on the tribble server will be weaker and less effective with these changes. Whether people agree with me or not, I can see both sides and just don't like it.

The devs probably don't care, since they got my lifetime sub over 600 days ago. No refund there. if it wasn't Star trek, I'd be wanting my money back...But I am committed to the brand, and that is that. I would enjoy it more though, if these changes never came to pass. And from what i have read on here and heard within my fleet and from friends, I am FAR FROM ALONE.

Comments welcome, preferably people with additional thoughts to share about why they don't think the new changes will work to keep longtime players or newbies.

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