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# 1 The DavHam Alliance
07-26-2009, 11:22 PM
Are you not happy with the decisions being made on our homeworld?
I offer you an alternative.

The DavHam Alliance.

Unlike what the Klingon High Council tells us, compassion is not for the weak; instead it can only build strength. Join us today and find out what a truly 'honorable' future holds!
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# 2 --History--
07-26-2009, 11:23 PM
Currently there is only one Clan in the alliance: As members increase additional Clans might be formed.

Much like the Maquis and the Federation, the DavHam Alliance is comprised of Klingons who, though proud of their ancestral heritage, are not pleased with the direction their government is taking.
There is no requirement to join…but inactive members may eventually lose rank and eventually be dropped. The goal is to build a productive alliance with noble accomplishments. Great deeds will be written on The Scrolls of HoQ!

General HoQ is the Founder of this Alliance which was established on the following principles:

“What is honorable can always be questioned, Loyalty cannot.”

“Death is Death, no matter how 'honorable'. History is written by the survivors, chose your fights wisely.”

“There is nothing more dangerous than an enemy within, be sure it isn’t you.”

“Where acts of compassion are thought to be signs of weakness, I see strength in numbers for future battles.”

What do we stand for?

[Still working on this one…suggestions welcome. Consider it the first challenge for Admiralty. We need a stance for each division: Warriors and Sciences.]
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# 3 --Command Structure--
07-26-2009, 11:23 PM
The General gives an overriding decision in matters of dispute. If these orders are not followed the General will ceremonially demote or replace the petaQ!

--Clans--Each clan has two Admirals, one for each department: Warriors, Sciences
They share equal leadership of the clan’s business but have individual command of their department’s members. Only Admirals and the General have authority to promote those they command.

Warriors: Every member of the warrior department is to have a specialty.
Blade or Tactical

Sciences: Every member of the sciences department is to have a specialty.
Medical or Engineering

Each department has the following positions, by rank:
Lieutenant [1]
Lieutenant [2]
Lieutenant [3]
Bekk [1]
Bekk [2]
Bekk [3]
Bekk [4]
Bekk [5]

New recruits are assigned the highest rank available to the department they chose assuming there are openings.

--Promotions and Demotions--
Type 1- The Sliding Rule: The numbers by ranks with multiple positions are simply indicating seniority in the rank but have no difference in authority. Lieutenant [1] and [3] hold the same rank, it merely indicates who arrived in that position first. If the L[2] position becomes vacant, the L[3] fills in and Bekk [1] is promoted to L[3] and so on.

Type 2- The Challenge: If an officer would like to challenge a superior they may do so up to Captain. Only Captains can challenge an Admiral. To challenge the General would be Mutiny thus officially disbanding the Alliance. Challenges will be proposed by the challenger and must include 1) the position they wish to take and 2) a deed worthy of competition between the challenger and the challenged that will benefit the Alliance. The challenge should be somewhat related to the department in question and submitted for review to the appropriate Admiral (or the General in the case of an Admiral Challenge). Keep in mind that jumping several ranks is conceivable but would require a significant challenge! The results of all challenges will be reviewed by the Admiral and announced by the General based on the Admiral’s assessment. [Actions prior to the challenge will be taken into account.]

Type 3- Reassignment: Admirals may propose re-assignments within their department; the General has the sole authority to re-assign rank (though this method will be used sparingly). The most common reason for reassignment is demotion, but on rare occasions promotions without a challenge can occur.
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# 4 --Members of the Alliance--
07-26-2009, 11:24 PM
If you are interested in joining, send in your application (a PM stating your reasons for joining) to the General or the Admiral in the department you’re interested in.

Upon joining the Alliance you must display the appropriate avatar. Following is a link to all possible Division/Rank possibilities. Save them all where you can find them in case you are promoted or change departments someday!
[[Future link to AVITARS]]

Clan of MorCha
Admiral ----------_____________________Admiral ----------
Captain ----------_____________________Captain ----------
Commander -----____________________Commander -----

Lieutenant [1] ---_____________________Lieutenant [1] ---
Lieutenant [2] ---_____________________Lieutenant [2] ---
Lieutenant [3] ---_____________________Lieutenant [3] ---
Bekk [1] ----------_____________________Bekk [1] ----------
Bekk [2] ----------_____________________Bekk [2] ----------
Bekk [3] ----------_____________________Bekk [3] ----------
Bekk [4] ----------_____________________Bekk [4] ----------
Bekk [5] ----------_____________________Bekk [5] ----------
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# 5
07-26-2009, 11:26 PM
Come show me what you're made of KLINGON!

DavHam Alliance!
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# 6
07-27-2009, 01:29 PM
Great deeds of our members are to be written on the Scrolls of HoQ
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# 7
07-27-2009, 04:27 PM
Future use
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# 8
07-27-2009, 10:26 PM
My galley is open and the Gagh is fresh. Please have a seat and tell us of a glorious tale of your achievements!
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# 9
07-28-2009, 10:37 AM
Honor, what does it mean to you?
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# 10
07-28-2009, 01:17 PM
Honor to me:
Your actions reflect your beliefs in what is good.

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