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# 1 Bugged Assignments
11-07-2011, 08:10 PM
It seems like a good idea to have a single thread for reporting bugged assignments, in addition to sending in bug reports. Not so much for conversational discussion, but as a place to compile a list of bugged assignments outside of the bug reporting system to increase the number of eyeballs exposed to the information. So, here goes.
  • Engineering Assignment: The assignment name "Support Repair Operations for Local Starbase from Ion Storm" needs rewording. "Support Local Starbase Repair Operations" covers the basics, especially since the bit about the ion storm is included in the description. Not as much of a bug as general feedback.
  • Trade Assignment: "Establish Long Distance Trade Routes" lists Advisor, Diplomat, and Trader as acceptable inputs, but doesn't actually accept traders. My only advisor & diplomat were both in sickbay at the time, so I couldn't test whether they were acceptable or not.

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