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Will we be seeing a steady stream of content after the f2p launch?

DStahl said that after Season 4 or whatever we'd have a steady flow of content, almost every week. Well that clearly didn't happen. In between the Romulan FE and now, we haven't gotten any content. Surely, the DOffs, STF rewrites and f2p conversion haven't taken up 8-9 months of work. There MUST be a backlog of content just waiting for f2p, right?

Have the Devs said anything about it? AFAIK, we're still stuck waiting for FE4 which is supposed to come "soon" after f2p.

Note: by "content", I mean actual new, original stuff to do. Not just rehashes of Gamma Orionis DSEs, aka Red Alerts. I'd LOVE to see some PvP content, but I've long since given up on the Devs "soon" regarding that. We're still waiting for basic features inherent to any MMO that were promised to be "in testing and to be released soon" in July... of 2010.
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11-08-2011, 11:27 AM
they said they want to release something new every month and have a constant stream.

whether that actually happens is another matter but once all this conversion stuff is out the way and their new people are hired and trained up then there should be no reason that we start seeing some new stuff. the first year of the game saw some pretty regular missions released so i would expect it to return to normal.

i would hope they have some stuff backed up but ive not heard anything past the ground invasion and ds9 series. if they have something else up their sleeves they have kept it very quiet.

although if they did have stuff backed up, i think they would have released something by now, just to get a last uptick in subs before it goes free to play.

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