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I'm starting a new thread because supposedly "Re-opening long dead threads is not allowed" - even if it's called an "OFFICIAL (...) Feedback Thread"...

Wait, what...?

Whatever. I've pointed this out numerous times and I will once again. However this time I'll just copy-paste my post, as I'm lazy and discouraged:

The MVAM pets only engage full impulse to catch up with the player if the player himself is nearby. But if one uses Evasive Maneuvers and/or EPtEngines, the pets stay behind and fly at their normal speed. This basically makes the ability useless for smaller fights, as by going from one enemy group to another the vectors may not catch up on time, if ever.

I may not know the tech behind all this, but as I said previously (several times) this is not the issue with D'Kyr's Support Craft. Whatever I do, the craft follows me everywhere as fast as it can. MVAM pets do not.

Those commands that fighters/carriers got on Tribble would be a nice addition.
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11-19-2011, 06:15 PM
While I havent noticed any issues with my MVAM pets keepign up with me during an engagment/between engagements, This looked the the best post to chime into. I would really like to see the "carrier commands" be transposed to the MVAM set up. As it is MVAM is extremely under-utilized. Often tiems during missions with friends, I want to order my other sections to cover or support a teammate trying to complete an alternate task. All MVAM gives you is added DPS at the cost of power, Sheilds and Hull integrity. Go-Down Fighting does just about the same thing...and its free . In closing, with all the changes being made to the game, id really like to see some love towards players that use the MVAM escourts.
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11-26-2011, 02:06 AM
I have noticed the problems you are having TC. I like to use Evasive Maneuvers to get to the next set of enemies quickly during enemy patrol missions. My segments fail to keep up with me. Does need addressing.

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