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11-11-2011, 08:08 PM
I think the base camp is to close to every thing, maybe the camp it self should be up on an over look with heavily guarded narrow pass as the entrance.

I also think there should be a sense of urgency in the air when you beam down (ominous back ground music and maybe npc's other then quest givers running here and there scanning and tending to injured npc's like in Cold Comfort and maybe some Defari npc's being escorted in to the camp by heavily armed Fed and KDF npc's).

Another idea I had was how about a camp defense quest for the player to start out with and have the other quests unlock afterward. Also I was thinking since you all have the Orellius sector Red Alerts set up for VA/LG why not have the ground invasion of Defera be the same way then have the Lt.C - Capt version of this on Bajor, I saw video of the Bajor map being worked on some time ago so I thought it would be a good way to introduce it in to STO.

On the subject of the on site vendor well I side with some who were not impressed with the rewards, I think the quality of the gear should start at rare and end with Very rare equipment, armor, weapons etc.

Regarding the area around the sphere I found about 4 borg that had spawned on the map halfway in the ground, I was able to shoot them and they were able to fight back but they could not move.
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11-11-2011, 08:13 PM
Originally Posted by HadynGabriel
Can't desktop

Other than that, I think the frequency of 2 hours every four is perfect and shouldn't be slowed down for live.
Agrred .... Two hours is where it should be.

Make it less frequent and people will be far from happy.
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# 33 Victory Base Camp
11-12-2011, 01:16 AM
I started calling it Victory Base Camp or VBC.
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11-12-2011, 02:58 PM
I gave my specific reviews in each of the other feedback threads, but just wanted to comment on the overall event here.

First of all, good job. While you can't please everyone, pretty much everyone I have grouped with over the past couple days has had a great time playing through everything. In my opinion, when you get a group together, say something like "Lets do City hard", and one single person hasn't unlocked up to there yet... well, it's a sign that people really enjoy the game when instead of dropping the player (like I've seen in so many other cases), everyone happily grinds through all the Easy/Medium missions to get that player up to the hard mission. That, in my opinion, shows that you did a very good job with this content.

However, just so you know, now that we've seen what you can do, we are fully expecting you to release more of the same. The Borg Space invasion was fun for a while, but THIS is the kind of thing you guys need to create more often

Now as a side note, are there any accolades with the Ground invasion, havent seen any so far?
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11-12-2011, 04:42 PM
I have to agree with the other players who are suggesting there should be a bank, which will help us clear out our inventory right there and then when we need to at base camp.

Like most others I'm not to impressed with the items that players can receive from the vendor by exchanging picked up Borg components. There's only one useful item there and that's the Fractal Remodulator, saving players 1 second when remodulating weapons.

On that notes, I still think that something more could be done to make it completely obvious that you need to remodulate your weapon. It can become difficult to see if your target has adapted when there's a dozen or more other players firing at the same targets.

Originally Posted by Amosov
In addition to the change in lighting when the event starts, how about adding an alert/klaxon and communication voice over to sell the idea that the Borg are once again on the move.
Here's an idea Cryptic, when the invasion starts and the sky turns grey... Use the SFX you all-ready have in the space invasion...

"We are the Borg, you will be assimilated"

Have it reasonably loud, originating from the probe in the centre of the map and have it echo through-out the entire map, just once every time the invasion starts, please.

I also like Amosov's idea, after the Borg announce their usual intent to assimilate everything, let's hear a KLAXON, see if you can hook up two different klaxon SFX, one to trigger for Feds and one for the KDF players, thanks.
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Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
This is the thread for all feedback for the base camp section of the Defera Borg invasion map.

Discussion points:
  • How clear are the objectives here?
  • Does the setup make sense?
  • General mission bugs.
  • General art bugs.
The objectives are NOT clear for either the City or Temple missions. I believe that you need to populate the Mission tracker to tell the players what needs to be done, how many times it needs to be done, and what objectives remain to be completed. My thought is that as a player uses the transporter pads to get to the various areas, their mission tracker is automatically populated with objectives after the beam-over is completed.

Also, it is not clear whether a player is playing easy, medium, or hard. There needs to be an easier way to know what level you are playing. This goes along with knowing what objectives need to be completed.
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11-14-2011, 03:35 PM
I haven't seen a generic "Feedback: Borg Invasion" thread, so I guess this is the closest thing.

The Borg armature weapon, which is one of the random rewards for the "hard" missions, isn't very good for fighting Borg. The other rewards seem to at least be catered toward fighting Borg (shields with plasma resistance, weapons with [Borg], etc)
This is just as bad as other rapid-fire guns for fighting Borg, in that they adapt to it after several shots, but those several shots happen in a couple of seconds.

While it's a fun toy, if you want it to be for Borg-hunters, make it shoot slower and hit harder? We could use an alternative to the shotgun for laying the smackdown, since that is currently king.
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11-14-2011, 04:35 PM
Everything seens almost fine. I just got lost once trying to find the "crafter" (by the way, this doesn't feel like crafting. It feels more like a nerfed version of the STF vendor). Also, mission rewards seens a bit low. I don't feeel motivated to play a content just for EC. I would rather spend my time playing dailies on elite mode, and selling the drops on the exchange (with the aditional bonus of getting dilithium on the process). The ideal would be replace EC with a small amount of dilithium. But I do realise this may not fit the interests from Cryptic, so put anything better. The amount of EC is really low. I mean, 7200 EC near 6 million I have on my main is almost nothing. One thing could really draw players attention would be unify the Borg tech that drop on Defera with the STF's drops. Or allow a way to convert one into another. Or put them as the mission reward. There is several ways to put them on the mix, but I defitenately think putting they on the mix would motivate people to play the event over and over again. Also, the event is awesome and truly epic. It should give you a way to acess awesome gear. Even if that means to grind a ton (after all, awesome gear should not be easily obtainable).

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