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I played it for around 2 hours, and overall it was pretty nice.

There are a few things I'd like to see done though.

Bound "currency" drops from the Borg (the ones needed to buy stuff from the stores) need to go into our assets tab, not our inventory. There is no reason to have these things as inventory clutter.

Cubes just sitting there in "orbit" don't make sense to me. I mean, if possible, put something that looks like ships actually trying to fight them off rather than the dozens of captains running around on the ground trying to fight off a single probe while there are at least 2 cubes ready to reinforce that need to be dealt with. They look ominous, and fit the atmosphere, but really if I see them I'd beam up and shoot them down, THEN go deal with the ground invasion.

Cross-faction teaming really NEEDS to work for this thing. At first, it shouldn't be a problem for KDF to find KDF to team with for the harder stuff. But down the road, I wouldn't count on that, especially at odd hours of the day. This event by nature seems very PUG oriented, so it needs to allow Feds and KDF to team together in said PUGs.

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