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We will be bringing the Tribble server down for maintenance to apply a new update.

  • Missions are now skippable, however you must skip them in order.
  • Partial update to crafting:
    • Switched dilithium costs over to unreplicateable materials.
    • Unreplicateable materials now sold for dilithium by the general vendors at Memory Alpha and Qo'noS.
      • Unreplicateable materials are tradable between players
      • Unreplicateable materials cannot be reverted back into dilithium
  • On bridges, the interact graphic no longer displays offset from the captainís chair for ďReturn to Tactical ViewĒ.
  • Bridge officer movement when entering and exiting combat has been improved.
  • The skill point cap has been raised by 50 points to account for the new skill structure.
    • Existing level 51 players will have these points automatically added to their characters.
  • Weapons will no longer auto-unholster on social maps.
  • Worf and J'mpok are now Lieutenant Generals.
  • Level 50 players now get a requisition form for one piece of Mk X STF gear.
  • The rate at which players acquire bridge officers as they level has been updated.
  • Bridge Officers now have a series of idle animation based on the weapon they are holding.
  • Updated the Vulcan TalíKyr shuttle so it has engine trails.
  • The FX for Antiproton Space weapons was updated to match the ground versions.
    • The audio was also freshened up a little.
  • Opened up DS9 to the Klingon faction.
  • Added help text for R&D Progress, Ship Selector, Exchange, Bank, and Dilithium Exchange.

Borg Invasion:
  • Increased interact distance for Klingon and Federation vendors.
  • The Lead Archeologist no longer appears to be assimilated.
  • The number of turret stations in the city has been doubled.
  • The mission requirements have been updated for the easy and medium missions in the power plant and temple areas.
  • Regeneration Hub keys are now tradable.
  • The transporter at the city has been updated.
  • Consoles and Doors should no longer get bumped due to explosions.
  • Hearts and Minds:
    • The overhead map will now display properly.
    • The isolinear chip puzzle console plays a smoke FX if the player blows it up.
  • Uninvited Guests: Borg have to get all the way to the obelisk before they trigger a failure.
  • The mailbox can now be accessed by more than one person at a time
  • There are now accolades for this zone:
    • Completion of each zone.
    • Added named probe bosses and an accolade for killing all of them.
      • Unlocks title: Tail Collector
    • Added named power plant bosses and an accolade for killing all of them.
      • Unlocks title: Power Mover
  • Consumables crafted at the Defera crafting station are now made in batches of three.
  • The crafting store now shows the required crafting skill on items.
  • The price for the 3 second Remodulator has been increased.

Duty Officers:
  • Skill point acquisition from duty officer assignments was modestly reduced.
  • Commendation XP increased for most assignments under one day long.
  • Duty Officer traits and quality factor more heavily into determining the outcomes for duty officer assignments.
  • Increased the frequency of Marauding assignments.
  • Reduced the frequency of anomoly-gathering assignments.
  • Added unique portrait art for most Frontier duty officer rewards.
  • Added icon references for Cannibal Tribble, Tribble Carcass and Tribble Kebab.
  • Reduced shield drain on the duty officer active roster Tractor Beam Officer power.
  • Modified many duty officer assignments to work better with the new math and have more reasonable outcome distributions.
  • Fixed some incorrect red text in "Transport Prisoners" assignment.
  • Added critical rewards to many assignments that were missing them.
  • Improved Captain's Table assignment distributions.
  • Adjusted CXP assignment rewards for success outcomes to compensate for scaling numeric reward adjustment.
  • Fixed many bad slotting issues with duty officer assignments including "Support Colonization Efforts" and "Collect Tribute" assignments.
  • Fixed rewards for "Reclaiming Borg Drones" to reward properly for the length of the assignment.
  • Fixed lack of appropriate rewarding of Dilithium for critical successes on "Reinforce" assignments.
  • Modestly increased the number of potential long duration duty officer assignments available in any particular sector.
  • Adjusted outcome percentages for Resupply assignments to result in more reasonable numbers.
  • Increased scaling numeric rewards for critical success outcomes, and moderately decreased numeric rewards for success outcomes.
  • Colonists can no longer be slotted on crew leave assignments.
  • Minor notification error fixed on Medical commendation accolade.
  • Nurse/Medic duty officer active roster ability will now summon a nurse or medic who matches the player's level.
  • KDF Medic duty officer active roster ability no longer summons a Starfleet nurse sometimes.
  • It is now possible to filter by recently recruited duty officers from the status filter.
  • Addressed previously bugged "Instigate Defector" Doff Assignments by adjusting reward tables, adding new rewards, and tuning assignment success and rarity odds.
  • Complete overhaul of Federation Commendation Rewards:
    • Greatly expanded the selections available for purchase with the tokens received at each rank.
    • Improved the quality of duty officers available from the Commendation store.
    • Added a duty officer reward to Tier 4 of Diplomacy.
  • The Duty Officer Astrometics ability description will now correctly be displayed.

Earth Spacedock:
  • Winters has been replaced by Sulu.
    • That's right, Sulu is back in the game.
  • Balt's dialog has been updated so itís friendlier to navigate.
  • Removed Lt. Carei's store and put the VA wares in Lt. Arut's store.
  • Malcolm Sissel now explains where to go for ship selection and costumes.
  • Updated Lt. Lessaís interact text to Requisition Personal Equipment.
  • New signs added to help locate things.

  • Lore Event: Doing Lore missions during this event will grant players more data chips.
  • Crystalline Entity Fleet Action:
    • Public Fleet Action is now an Event, only available certain times of the day.
    • Private Fleet Action has not changed, they can be created as often as players wish.
  • Crafting Event:
    • Memory Alpha and QoínoS crafting stores give a 20% reduction in their cost of unreplicateable materials while the event is running.
  • Foundry Event:
    • Players will get additional rewards for playing Foundry missions during this event.

  • Randomly created characters for Content Creation will no longer pick locked c-store species.
  • Resolved issue with map popup dialogs re-appearing if there were enough of them on the map.
  • Resolved potential crash when loading an existing Foundry project.
  • Missing Foundry interact objects were replaced in Earth Spacedock.
  • The tooltip for the Create Content button no longer refers to UGCShard.

  • All patrols were updated.
    • They now scale to the playerís level.
    • Mission rewards have been increased.
    • There are now minimum level requirements for them.
  • All Fed-side mission rewards now offer scaled rewards of their type.
    • Any reward item that was previously offered at a specific Mk will now offer the same items at a Mk appropriate to the player's level
      • Except for unique one-off items such as Paratrinic Shields or Efficient Impulse Engines.
  • STF Queues now have a 1 hour cool down.
    • These are individual per segment.
    • The drop rates of STF set item tokens have been increased slightly in conjunction with the new lockout timers.
  • Updated the trace particle Accolade to show which particles have been collected and which are still needed to complete the Accolade.
  • STF gear token mission will no longer display for players who do not meet the level requirement.
  • The Defend Sector Block missions have been turned off.
  • Ceremony missions should be droppable now.
  • City on the Edge of Never and Past Imperfect are now the same level.
  • Stop the Signal: the Klingon ships are no longer killed so quickly by the Undine.
  • The Transwarp button for Assimilation now takes the player to the NGC-4447 System.

  • The max crew of the Marauder Patrol Cruiser was increased to 2000.
  • Tricobalt Devices and High Yield Plasma Torpedoes will now affect foes and yourself - not your allies.
  • The base damage for Torpedo spread was slightly increased.
    • It has been restored to 80% of Salvo.
  • The damage of Quad Cannons has been slightly increased.
  • Updated the description for the plasma bolt powers on the Borg arm prosthetics.
  • Bridge officers will now use the fractal remodulator if they have it.
  • Klingon Honor Guard Space Set: Auxiliary Power bonus from two items equipped is now appearing.
  • Lunge distance is now expressed in meters.
  • Lunge is now correctly marked as an exploit in the power description and tooltip.
  • Resolved an exploit that allowed space shields to repair faster than intended.
  • The Jem'Hadar Holo emitter was changed to be a Heavy Escort instead of an attack ship.
  • A new Orion Slaver carrier pet has been added.
    • It can be accessed in game from the Carrier Vendor if you own any Orion ship.
    • It does not come equipped on any carrier or Flight Deck Cruiser.
    • It drops mines and steals crew.
  • The impulse speed of Orion Interceptors has been increased.
  • The hull strength of the Dacoit Flight-deck Cruiser, Phalanx Science Vessel, and Draguas Support Vessel was adjusted.
  • The Difficulty Slider for space combat has been modified.
    • Enemies on Advanced difficulty now do more damage and gain less shield and HP.
      • This change affected low ranks/levels mores than higher levels.
    • A similar change was made on Elite difficulty, but to a much smaller degree.
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11-17-2011, 11:56 AM
  • All new character creation UI!
    • This UI is still a work in progress.
  • The Duty Officer UI has been updated based on feedback.
    • Tabs are now more clearly labeled
    • The flow for searching, accepting, and turning in missions has been improved.
    • An overview tracking screen has been added
  • When no missions are primary, the next added mission will become the primary mission.
  • Contacts and vendors in social zones now have unique icons to make it easier to tell who sells what.
    • These icons appear on the map and minimap too.
  • Joining a PvP challenge no longer causes chat window text to overlap incorrectly.
  • The PvP chat channel box text no longer overlaps the upper border of the box.
  • Adjusted the minimap zoom to have a better default.
  • Changed the background for the Federation and Klingon ship tailors.
  • Improved contribution highlighting:
    • Add a separate entity drop down.
    • Add a help button.
  • A minimum level requirement has been added to the episode list.
  • The login screen background and logo has been updated.
  • Clicking the Help and Support button inside the Tailor Window no longer opens the Report a Bug window behind the Tailor Window.
  • There is now a bind option for Target Self.
  • The word "shield" was removed from the character and bridge officer health tooltip.
  • Gained SP now floats to the top corner of the screen on both space and ground maps.
  • The log button in character status window was removed.
    • The log can still be accessed via the journal window.
  • The Bridge Officer Trainer store button is now labeled Officer Training.
  • Right-clicking one's ship icon in system space no longer provides a "Change Uniform" option.
  • The back button was removed from stores.
    • The cancel button will now work as back.
  • Captain skills no longer show up for the active starship
  • The episode list will now scroll to the first active or next available episode.
  • The default position of the help window was moved to the left side of screen.
  • The minimum width of the replicator was increased to ensure the retrieve button is always visible.
  • The Dabo drop down boxes now close after making a selection.
  • Removed the "Return to Tactical View" from the Bird-of-Prey bridge in the Doomsday Device mission.
  • Remodulators now specify in their tooltips the amount of time that they take to complete.

Known Issues:
  • The Foundry event isnít giving proper rewards.
  • The crafting event isnít properly discounting unreplicateable materials.
  • The Klingon Academy Event isnít yet turned on.
  • Attempting to purchase foundry slots with Dilithium does not unlock more slots.
  • The unique contact and vendor icons are not showing up correctly unless patch on demand is disabled.
  • No one is quite sure where Sulu is.
  • Borg Invasion:
    • Getting to the Bottom of Things: The interact does not reset if player dies in the room and respawns.
    • Power Plant: Power Play Mission: There are two interacts on the Regeneration Hubs while there should be one.
      • Use Shut Down Borg Regeneration Hub to get proper credit
  • Viewing items linked in chat does not display the tooltip for the item.
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11-17-2011, 12:03 PM
Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
  • No one is quite sure where Sulu is.
Do we need milk cartons with his picture on it?
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11-17-2011, 12:04 PM
Wow! Lots of info to sort through! I'm sure we'll be talking about this stuff for the next couple days on air WEEEEEE

Thanks for the update!
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11-17-2011, 12:06 PM
Thank you Zero
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11-17-2011, 12:09 PM
Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
No one is quite sure where Sulu is.
LOL. Where's Sulu?

On a serious note, are you going to add more options to species customization? For instance, I noticed Female Aliens don't get the makeup option, and Trill do not get a VISOR option.
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11-17-2011, 12:11 PM
Originally Posted by atatassault View Post
LOL. Where's Sulu?

On a serious note, are you going to add more options to species customization? For instance, I noticed Female Aliens don't get the makeup option, and Trill do not get a VISOR option.

Very first thing I thiught when I saw Sulu was back, and ESPECIALLY after seeing that. lolol.
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# 8
11-17-2011, 12:14 PM
Can someone organise a few search parties for Sulu? :p
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# 9
11-17-2011, 12:15 PM
Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
UI:[*]No one is quite sure where Sulu is.
Classic. I'm not sure this can ever truly be resolved.
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11-17-2011, 12:16 PM
Originally Posted by ZeroniusRex
No one is quite sure where Sulu is.
The only thing more awesome would be... added #HortaForDOff

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