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STO has quite a lot of really interesting features but unless you know about them then they can be hard to find. You also want to attract new players before they even try to install it. A short 5 minute audio explanation of things that can be attached to the website, e-mail and the launcher will let players know what to expect, and may peak some curiosity from those on the fence about playing.

Features could include -

1) on demand patching -this is a great feature but it can be a hindrance for some with slow internet speeds. players will need to know about it before they start patching.

2) the foundry - another great feature but many just wont know about it, yet find the idea of UGC very appealing.

3) 2 types of ground combat - some dont like the standard mmo style of gameplay and some hate fps, so letting peope know there is both will please most people.

4) space combat - everyone loves space but they may have heard of games like TOR and its lack of space combat and may think STO has the same problem.

5) events, task forces, fleet actions, episodic missions - let people know the different types of gameplay.

6) dilithium exchange - no one likes spending money and knowing there is away to get c-points in game will also attract people.

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