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When you equip your close cumbat gear, you can't deal any damage to the enemies. Slamek has to do all the work (and funny enuff, he can damage them). However, the mission will get stuck as soon as you have to fight the Allah worms in the fourth battle. Slamek won't help you there, so you can't do anything, and there is no secret timer running out either, so Slamek won't eventually return from using the console either.

Can this please get fixed before the holodeck push on December 8th? Thanks.

EDIT: I've tried a second time. This time I was able to damage them, but Slamek didn't get into the arena, so I had to fight them all alone. Lucky enough, he was able to join me the second time, so at least he could use the console while I was (successfully this time) fighting the worms.

Perhaps some stability patch could still be necessary to not let such bugs occur randomly throughout a single mission.

EDIT 2: Oh, come on ... please ... now that I'm a little step further in this huge mission, Slamek doesn't follow me yet again ... in the canyon ... I had to run the ENTIRE way back just to talk to him. Usually, he follows. What's wrong?

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