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11-14-2011, 04:49 PM
I like the new skill tree, but it is really confusing. Like the skill that boosts hazard emitters in now in engineering?
That doesn't make sense. If the skill boosts a science ability, it should be in science. Oh, and you don't have a skill that boosts Polarized Hull. Also, considering how many points it takes to skill into stuff, you are going to need to make ground separate otherwise no one will spec into ground. Also, please make it very clear on what skills boosts what. On the Live server it says:
Examples Include:

It makes it very easy to read on so forth. I like the new descriptions, but please also make it very easy to read on what it affects.

Keep up the good work!
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11-14-2011, 10:54 PM
2) Have you watched what the Captains are actually doing when they command their starships? Sitting in their chairs, ordering others aroun?

How much does it look to you like what a Pilot or a Driver is doing?
Comparing the Captain of a starship to a bus driver is highly questionable. Whatever parallels you are drawing ... I am afraid they actually meet each other before reaching infinity.

As a Captain, I do not fly on manual control with a joystick most of the time. I give orders. I can give orders regardless of whether I sit in a Galaxy Class ship or a Stargazer ship, just like how Captain Picard did before me.

First, YOU aren't flying the ship. You are giving orders to fly the ship. There is a vast difference in this and your example. Your example is true, just because you can drive a civic doesn't mean you can drive a bus. However, your example doesn't apply to STO because you are simply giving the orders to fly the ship. You aren't physically doing the work.

I never compared, nor even mentioned, the physical acts of any of these activities I talked about knowledge, skill, and training.

2) Have you watched what the Captains are actually doing when they command their starships? Sitting in their chairs, ordering others aroun?

It's all computer based, and you only need someone trained to put the info into the computer.

His crew is trained to run that ship, he is trained to give strategic orders and make tactical decisions. The Captain doesn't need to know exactly how to pilot or repair the ship. That is why he has his crew.

I thought this was the Captains skill tree?...Perhaps this particular style of tree would be better suited to BOFFs...whom you both seem to agree would be the more knowledgeable(at least in the specifics) of the skills required to run X ship. You both do also mention, if indirectly, what one of my problems is (although I seem not to have articulated it well) that a captain would not know everything about all the skills. For example, a tactical captain would not receive extensive training in engineering skills, or vice versa, although both would certainly have the same knowledge base albeit at a general level. Perhaps each "class" could get reduced skill cost or slightly improved skill effects in their trained area of expertise? To more accurately reflect this.

.what changes when you drain from weapons instead? The target changes...different circuits...different relays...different capacitors...different types of energy(as I assume phaser energy and shield energy are not the same type of energy and neither of those is exactly like the "fuel" energy actually used by the warp core itself) although yes their source of POWER is ultimately the same their energies are not.

The issue is that we can't easily jump into another ship...which was my opening point to begin with. There was nothing in the old system that prevented you from flying any ship you wanted. It only prevented you from getting MAXIMUM effect in every ship. The first two or three groups of "flight" skills were general skills applying to any ship type you were in; with "specializations" only coming at higher levels, and even then part of your skill still carried over to the next level.

It's about cost of choice.

True, and my other main point,...choice does have a cost...a cold hard fact.

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