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With the new skill table maybe it will be possible to get a more “Trekky” game.

With the new skill tree, it seems more difficult to get the same level of capacity/skills that before. Maybe avoiding the level 1 and 2 skills cost increase could help, specially that you can end with 50 pts left you cannot put anywhere. We really need to have differences between the Fed and the KDF, there a not the same fleet or same civilisation, each of them need to have different skill tree. (by the way that also the case for the equipment, seing a KDF or Romulan using a Fed tricorder always make me ROFL)

Skills and BOs:
Who is piloting the ships? A helm (the captain is the ship is a shuttle)
Who is firing weapons? The tactical officer and his team
Who is providing power, repairing the ship? The engineer officer and his team
Who is providing the ship with scientific analysis/skills? The science officer and his team
Who is providing medical care to the crew? The medical officer and his team

The BOs need to have their own skill tree and those skills need to be used for the ship capacities. Pending the skill level, the BO will get some capacities.
The captain skills will provide some bonus to the BO.

Duty officers:
Why 100 DOs? The number need to be related to the ship crew (how a ship with 30 crew members have 100 DOs) and for Klingon (maybe for their house size).
Duty roster: Maybe the numbers needs to be increase, A BO don’t have a team of 1 DO, maybe at least 2 or more (pending the size of the ship).

Ships are … BIG, having the ship in a sheet similar to a character is a joke. The ship page needs to be bigger with other view that the up view and with the location of the equipments in the ship. Why do we need to select so few ship consoles? All ships have booster modulator, plasma distribution, field emitter, injector assembly, hull (armor), inertial dampener, EPS flow regulators, etc… Why not having lev 0 console at start and we can upgrade all of them, the ships are big with a lot of equipment, let us feel our ship is big also with the equipment quantity. Also add the warp core (that the most important piece of equipment in the ship as it provided the power to it)
Can we keep the correct timeline? How can a TOS ship being equipped with the latest technology? To have MkXII phaser, the ship will need to be retrofitted to such extend that will be not possible. Make ships that can only be retrofitted by some levels (4 or 5 levels). All ships can be retrofitted but only to some levels
Correct the TOS timeline issues. We do several time travels, the TOS enterprise is using lev 6 tech (data from several net sources). How a ship (Sovereign, Akira, Prometheus, etc … class) coming with lev 12 tech has so much difficulties against lev 6 tech ships.
Fix the interior size of the ships, ships are not BIG space stations and add some rooms that already exist in game (example: in a bird of prey you cannot go running and I don't remember to have seen a lift in a BOP in any of the series or movies, I don't even remember is for the Defiant).
Going into/out the ship bridge:
We don't teleport out/into the bridge, change that we are sitted in our chair and we are standing up for going to other parts of the ship, and we need to sit to our chair to go the a space view of our ship to pilot it.
Another correction is needed, all ship need to have the posibility to target some ship part (why only ships can do it?)

Ship BO consoles:
Why Starfleet ship have fixed BO console, why some KDF ships have universal BO consoles? Starfleet, even at war, is still a multipurpose fleet. Why could we not have the highest BO console being a static one and all others being universal ones? The KDF ship are … WARSHIPS. Why not could we have all console being static ones and the second highest being a universal one?

Make some equipment faction specific, Fed equipment only usable by Fed or less expensive to buy or craft for Feds, and KDF equipment only usable by KDF or less expensive to buy/craft by KDF. By the way the only faction getting the Hargh’peng Torpedo are … the Feds, strange that the KDF can’t have it as that’s a KDF specific weapon.
Fed Torpedo launcher are using … ammo. I know that having to go to a shipyard to reload a full complement of torpedo will be a mess, but at least make Fed torpedo launcher have at least 2 kinds of torpedoes. I don’t imagine the Enterprise E having only Quantum torpedo on “first contact” and only having photon ones in “Nemesis”

Add more internal ship content. The only thing we do in our ship is to replay mission, nothing else. Make our mess usable, our engineering and medical rooms to be used, to get some crew interaction. Add selectable voices to our crew that they can provide advices instead to have a ship computer providing advice when our shield is down, our speed too low or the enemy shield is down.
New "old" Star Trek sounds. There are plenty of sounds available in Star Trek, why do we have TOS alarms for our ships ? Why couldn't we get the possibility to select the sounds in the game?

We need more failure cases, I don't like the "Win button" way, where you can do 90% or more of the missions without failure cases.

Space needs to be updated.
We need a contact list with the local planets/items/annomalis/ships. We need some commands related to the comtact list: Approch, go into orbit, hail, etc
What could be a new space stellar system entrance.
You reach a new star system, only big elements show up in the contact list, star, planets, big space station. You get also the data from the sun and planets (type, size, etc)
You also get the other contact that are in your ship radar range.
You want more information, you do a scan, pending your lev, the lev of your ship equipment and crew skill you get more information on the radar range and some clues about other stuff that can be outside the ship radar range. You want to reach one of those contact, you select is in your contact list nd you clic one of the command related to the contact list, like to into orbit, etc ...

More Fed behavior, sometime I feel the Fed are more close to the mirror Earth than the usual Fed, starting to fire before being fires upon. Destroying cargo ship or other ship without an option to disable them or to request their surrender.

All faction need to have specific crafted items.
We need more and different crafted items and in another way.

Small items -> can be built at any of our faction Space Station and in our ship
I want a personal MKXII shield
1 - a built a MKXII shield
2 - Pending my level, crating level, class , BO and DO level I can craft a schematic with X slots (X from 1 to 3, green, blue and purple, with a chance to have an or extra (slots) in case of critical success in the crafting process, can add the effect of another kind of bonus or start a equipment set )
(Personal equipment)
3 - Crafting using schematics all the modifiers to be out in the item slots
4 - mounting everything together

Medium equipment (only shuttle for the time being) -> can be built at any of our faction space station and in our ship if the ship is big enougth. Same process as above

Big Equipment (space ship parts), you cannot craft it but you can modify an existing one
Buy the big equipment in your faction space station, create (using schematics) a modifier that will be added to the big equipment
Exemple: I want to have a purple Phaser bank MkXII:
1 - a buy a phaser bank MkXÍI in a Fed sppace station.
2 - Pending my level, crating level, class , BO and DO level I can craft a schematic with X slots (X from 1 to 3, green, blue and purple, with a chance to have an or extra (slots) in case of critical success in the crafting process, can add the effect of another kind of weapon or start a equipment set )
3 - Crafting using schematics all the modifiers to be out in the item slots
4 - mounting everything together

It will be great that when we put some equipment on our ship there is some graphical modifications (not speaking about the sets) like having some impulse engine shape/color for each kind of engine, different texture/color for energy banks/arrays (correcting also the double energy weapon bank will need to use the nergy arrays location when firing) and so on ...
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# 2 Please Provide some ideas too
11-13-2011, 12:31 AM
Please Provide some ideas and comments too
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# 3
11-14-2011, 01:42 AM
Stil no comments?
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11-15-2011, 12:05 AM
Some updates done

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