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# 1 Fighters & torps
11-15-2011, 04:26 AM
Hi just a couple of questions I would like to ask

As a reward I got 50 fighters from doing the Vault mission. These can be equipped on any ship in a device slot. I was wondering if these are the only fighters of this type in the game? And if so is the only place you can get them is by running the Vault mission?

Quantum torps- Where can i get them from, I have had a couple drop as loot, but can't find any on the Exchange or from any NPCs?

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# 2
11-15-2011, 04:33 AM
The reman fighters from the Valut mission are the only launchable combat craft most starships can get, only the klingon carriers have access to other types of fighter craft. The only place to get the reman ones is from the vault mission.

Quantum Torps tend to be rarer at lower ranks, but at rear admiral you can get them from the centre vendors at ESD in exchange for emblems, also they can be got from crafting them but are again somewhat limited by rank. I cant remember all the R&D stuff but check it in the drop down menu to see for yourself.
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# 3
11-15-2011, 11:34 PM
Klingon side there will soon be 3 tiers of "flight deck cruiser" which are cruisers with 1 hangar bay. As well as the Kar'fi carrier (tac & science based) and Vo'quv carrier which both have 2 hangar bays. There are also various deployables you can launch from carrier bays besides fighters, including power drain siphons, shield repair drones.

On Tribble there are some other hangar bay craft that come with the purchase of the different flight deck cruisers. These include orion interceptors, another craft that acts like a rank 1 boarding party but launches 2 shuttlecraft per enemy, up to 10, and one that uses a tachyon beam type ability.

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