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I was curious if there were any plans to add a search box to the actual Doff assignment screen.

I know that my department heads give recommendations but often I would like to search through my 85 officers for all of my "efficient" and "logical" traits so that I know how many I have available for assignments.

Another example is that I still sometimes forget whether my tractor beam officers should be in tactical, security, operations or engineering but with a search box, I could just look for them.

In addition, perhaps some type of log for each officer to show how "productive" they are in other words how many missions they have been sent on, how many are successful, how many are failures, etc.; kind of like a personal dossier of each officer. The mechanics are already in the game with the assignment log; all one would need to do is modify the data into a searchable database that is connected to the info tab of each officer which is already in the game. This would assist players in deciding which Doff to 'return' to Starfleet and which to keep on board.

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