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11-17-2011, 06:02 AM
Hello All,

Are you looking for a new fleet?, Are you looking for some good chat and people to share missions? Want to hook up with new players for Free to play. Join the SCCFleet. We are a bunch of friendly players Who are on most nights about to 10.30 pm UK time (we are not Hard core and don't spend all day and night in game), We are looking for new members who would like to join in, and spend time building up our fleet so we can enjoy the game more.

With our new web site going live in the next few days you can check us out and if you want to join either sign up on our site or request membership below and we will send you a invite when we are next on line

we have TS3 Server:

Our own ts3 (team speak 3) server that fleet members can login to and chat with other members, at present we have about 6 different rooms with more available as and when needed.
Live Stream:

We have our own Juistin.Tv channel, this means we can stream music for fleet events for example the “SCCFleet BIG NIGHT IN” …

we have a reviewer that will give you the gamers opinion of either new content, new in game items / micro transactions so you can see if it is worth spending your hard earned money..
so what are you waiting for ?
Check out

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