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Originally Posted by oberlerchner123 View Post
You are now forced to take the missions in order, you have to finish the Klingon missions to get to the Romulan ones. And finish the Romulan ones to get to the Cardassian ones, etc.

While I suppose it does make some sense, I hate the change even if only for the fact that you can no longer skip that retarded a** mission named Divide Et Impera.
Is that the one where Adm Zelle keeps getting in the way? I did that mission one time (the last time I did it) and did not have this problem.

BTW I had one Devidian mission left to do and that was the reason I was not seeing Klingon missions after Kuvah Magh. Once I completed the final Devidian mission, the next Klingon mission appeared. I just did not think of the Devidian series as being a Klingon mission, perhaps because this series appeared one year ago as a Halloween treat.

I will have to do two of the Devidian missions again later because the rewards I received are only MK VI and I want the MK XI rewards. I was putting off the last mission in the series until such time as I could get the MK XI phaser rifle.

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