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08-30-2012, 02:52 AM
i have just started getting this problem , log in and game launcher crashes
multiple times, I haven't changed a thing!!!  1345969906
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08-30-2012, 04:02 AM
Originally Posted by speedofheat View Post
game re-installs do not work , alas.
changing the launcher exe star trek online.exe, does not work
fiddling with various browser settings does not work
we did get a response from branflakes earlier, but nothing recent
we have a server reboot today maybe that will work?

amendment: I just checked an email and I had an initial diagnostic response in a very quick time scale
Originally Posted by bughunter357 View Post
re-installs and swapping out .exe do work I have done both on at two different occasions when this has happen the .exe this past time worked for me as mine had a date of May 11th, 2012 and the latest one I put on was August 27th, 2012. So the fact is that the launcher was updated recently with the .exe but it seems that not everyone is getting that update when the launcher tries, also once before I just waited for the next patch and that seemed to work as well, but who knows the only person that seems to respond to anything lately is Branflakes and that is pathetic since he really isn't apart of the STO team he is just a meesage man between cryptic and PWE.
It does not work for me; nor many others on this thread, I have tried multiple sources for the launcher and I have yet to find one that works... if you have one that is working please post it i'll test it and we can see if it fixes the problem...

the last one I have tried was :

which is a different date and size/checksum etc... from mine it exhibits exactly the same problems
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08-30-2012, 08:37 AM
The Accounts Server list this when i try to log in for support
Sorry, unrecognized username or password
The Account is listed as 720 days Sub'd and has experienced the second Inactive this month though the Credit cards been charged.. .I have not received a STipend for TWO months..

obviously the integration from ATARI/cryptic to PWE /cryptic has not been perfect..
but i can still log in without a reinstall. To Champions on -line and STO when they are not being patched.

Hoping the new Nightwing patch on Champions doesn't crash us like the LAst STO patch did
I have the latest BIOS drivers for chipset.. a PC that meets or exceeds listed requirments.
My vid card NVIDIA has its latest update.. its simply less fun trying to team with friends if a 5 year old game engine cant handel a basic DX 9.0c MS DX supported card.
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# 454 MY "can't login message"
08-30-2012, 08:52 AM
"patchserver recieved a message while it was in a state of no response"

What the hell does that even MEAN?!

Well, I tried everything, even completely uninstalling the game and starting over, knowing I could copy all recently updated files from my EHDD as soon as I was able to login again.
Nothing worked.
Then, I took my laptop to Starbuck's, and logged on with no problem at all.
Then, everything was fine.

I hope I don't have to do this again today as I'm working 3-11P, and therefore will not actually have any chance at all to try this again by the time the server comes back up.
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08-30-2012, 10:54 AM
so....the server status is now 'up'...and my launcher still wont get past the autoupdate window!
did the maintenance resolve this problem for anyone??
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"The patchclient got a message while it was in a state with no response"

For 2 days now I have this message.

My professional/ technical point of view is that the Patchserver never estblishes a handshake with any of my clients. Could be simple as timing issue Server vs Client time. Coming from a 2nd lvl TS background at many global players myself for over 10 years

My Environment
Main PC - AMD Phenom II X6 - Windows 7 - 64 Bit Home Premium
2nd PC - Core 2 Duo - Windows Vista Home Basic - 32 Bit
Laptop - iCore3 - Windows 7 - 64Bit Home Premium
All well within specs btw.

Internet connection is via Tooway / Skylogic Sattelite connection, and no, there are no alternatives were I live (rural Ireland), well, beside from sending doves or the occasional message in a bottle.

What happened so far

I had it running fine since August 23rd on my Main PC, got even to Lt. Commander and my new Ship (oh joy, so short but so nice).

At the weekend I was a bit annoyed with the constant background patches during loading page and inside Episodes causing lags, dragging issue etc., so I went through the renaming the "Live" folder procedure, just to make sure i get all patches at once which after the 4GB patch to the latest ST version downloaded fully... the application refused to start all together (...) so aehm - nevermind 4GB of my monthly DL limit in the bin - back to original Live folder which worked fine again until two days ago Tuesday the 28th. I had reached my DL limit a day before this already (27th) when it was still working fine even on 128kbs down from my usual 12000kbs. In short it was running fine on 128kbs except for the occasional crash in Memory Alpha or disconnects when leaving Earth which I understand even happens to DSL customers with way more firepower.

All I can add as a hint of a possible cause is that when I logged out the final time there was a patch still running in the background, even at the empty login screen after I had left the game itself, when I pressed "Exit".

Just to make sure I hadn't f'ed it up I shared the original DL folder and installed it on my 2nd PC + the Laptop via my network. Funny enough on all of them I got the same message.

To be absolutely crystal clear about it I also flushed the DNS on my PC+Router+ Sat Modem, even chose another router that I have here as a backup. I forced my external IP to be replaced which has anyway a short lease time of somewhere between 1 and 4 hours only. Went also from Static IP to DHCP on my local network just to make sure all config files are overwritten properly. I emptied the prefetch files folder too, you never know.

Having had no joy with playing memory with all my hardware and all my software settings I turned my focus also on the Account Guard but it had no effect on neither if its active or inactive.

...So I am somewhat out of ideas

Back to the professional point of view I could imagine that is hard to re-create this in their office so I am not to hard on them just yet...unless they have a machine behaving in the same way its a bit the like the needle in the haystack thingy for them.

Please do us all a favour STOP keeping us busy with BS and unless you have seriously messed with your folder/ files do not keep reinstalling the client it will not fix your issue.
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And just to reply to the previous question while i was typing away.

The answer is NO it did do nothing to the current issue, this patch was for the "others".

I am sure that the issue is not yet fully understood and we are lightyears away from a fix to be implemented.

I guess they were hoping the Server Restart would somehow fix it but thats the same BS thinking pattern as asking us to restart the PC in order to fix network issues, lagging, premature aging and the war in Syria "omg lol - 1 to beam up"
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I am still having the problem, I will venture a theory here. Since this is not the first time it seems like they are hard coding the IP address for thier server into software. Then when thier ISP does not reassign the same IP address they lose connection and nobody can update. Then they recode with the new IP address and force people to download 5 gigs of program and go thru all the crap. Until one brave soul uploads the loader for the rest of us to patch in manually.

Bottom line is it seems they are not using a domain name for the servers or even a dynamic domain name. Lazy programming seems to be the issue. But that is just my theory.
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08-30-2012, 01:13 PM
On monday it'll be 3 weeks for me, I know its not my machines or my ISP!!!

We've established its there end and the info they had off me they were specifically asking for my IP address so here's hoping by mid september theres a fix or I'll be going back to EVE for a few months and hoping STO works afterwards.

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08-30-2012, 01:19 PM
Would someone else mind uploading a different loader? A new loader has helped in the past but the versions being shared so far this time around have not helped. I do appreciate the efforts from other community members in trying to help the rest of us out.

Still, since I'm at a complete loss for options, I would greatly appreciate others sharing their launcher.exe. It might not help but just in case...
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