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# 1 Please Consider the Following
11-17-2011, 05:04 PM
Hey there Cryptic, I'm here to ask you a question that I hope can help with the original Borg set's availibility in the game .

Perhaps instead of having players pay their Common Borg salvage for the set, Might it be practical for them to recieve the same set the way they were originally aquired?

I mean, if you complete the Space and Ground portions of the STFs, they will reward the Set Pieces they originally dispensed?

and I'm sorry for not suggesting this sooner if you've already devoted Time and money into programing the Set Piece's Borg salvage values into the game, at the time I didn't really feel it was urgent as is so often the case.

But at any rate, at least I decided to say something at all, because who knows what the future will be like if even 1 person speaks up.

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