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11-17-2011, 07:42 PM
I am a tactical captain RA lower and have been running with cruisers most of my career, my current ship is a assault cruiser but I'm thinking of switching to a dreadnought style and I'm curious if this would give me more of a tactical advantage.

Also I wasn't aware when I first enrolled in star fleet and went down the tactical path that I was better suited to fly a escort . I guess what I'm asking is it worth me starting a new captain in eng. If I plan on sticking with this class? I've also read that cruisers are a tank class also for healing but I'm more of a offencive player I like being in the middle of the fight .
Lt. Commander
Join Date: Dec 2007
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11-18-2011, 08:00 AM
You can more fully exploit your TAC captain abilities and your bloodlust in an Escort than a Cruiser, in my opinion.

You can also mount cannons and dual heavy cannons on Escorts, which, when you properly set them up and put consoles and powers behind them, will be downright *devastating* to enemies. Just don't expect the level of survivability from your escort that you're getting from your cruiser. Cruisers are built to take damage, not dish it out. Escorts are the other way around.

It takes my ENG VA longer to take down an enemy ship, but he's got more hull and shields left when he's done. My TAC VA has less hull and shields left, but the enemy goes bye-bye much, much faster.

It all comes down to what sort of play experience you personally find most appealing.

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